*Worst In History-Ebola Outbreak-California Fires-Venice Flooding*Tropical System Likely*

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Jahsun Handy says:

I t s not karma. Its Rothschild PG and E and the agenda 21 agenda 2030 plan to depopulate country mobw into mega cities.

Bremner's Ghost says:

The Anthrax outbreak in Uganda also needs watching, over 200 cases so far

Daniella Thoelen says:

you don't seem to have a clue about what is REALLY going on on this planet.
Chemtrails, H.A.A.R.P., Directed Energy Weapons/lasers, GMO etc. The weather is already fully controlled and weather warfare is REAL.
The extermination of the people is already going on for several years. The Georgia Stones/"monument", Kalergi Plan and so many more plans to cull the "useless eaters" as they call us.
There is no NATURAL disasters anymore, they are ALL man made!

hellcat 707 says:

maybe the Lord is finally getting all the pedos liars thieves and adulterous ones…Thank you Lord for all your help in ridding this planet of evil..Amen

Billy Kidd says:

There's something wrong about all these fires over all these years now ..how is there anything even left to burn over there ?

Susan says:

Haarp is busy!!!!

Einar Odinsson says:

Liberal land is burning. Maybe they shouldn’t promote their multiculturalism and interracial sexual relations.Black Africans are dying due to disease. Maybe you should refrain from killing the White farmers that feed you and you wouldn’t have to consume bush meat. Hahahaha! I wonder if American blacks will jump on a plane and go help they’re brothers and sisters? Doubtful! Brothers and sisters my ass.

Jo Cat says:

The world could be a paradise if we could live like you and all of us wish we could but then there is reality that no one person change. We could all do it if we came together as one but because of the evil influences surrounding everyone it will never happen. Again, reality.


Snow in panhandle huh?😂🤣😄😅😆😉🙄try rain…intense rains.There are seasons and dates for "HURRICANE" season,but weather happens.Hoping you left your sour patch kids in Florida.🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Tina Lee Johnson says:

If the couple went total Paleolithic, how come they are showing up at a gas station?

Mikisha Todd says:

They'll all be living in another mansion again, they have 💰

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