World Bank chief calls on Asia to tackle Ebola crisis 세계은행 총재 에볼라 사태 해결하기 위해

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And finally, the president of the World Bank has put Asia′s leading countries on notice,… saying they are failing to do their part in combating the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.
Paul, what′s at the center of this criticism?
Speaking in Seoul on Tuesday, World Bank Chief Jim Yong Kim said that many Asian countries are not contributing enough to the global effort in fighting Ebola.
This despite having a wealth of trained medical personnel to stop the spread of the deadly virus.
Kim said that thousands of trained health care workers are needed over the next year in the hardest-hit countries in West Africa,… namely Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone
He appealed to countries to quit using… stop-gap measures… and to halt the Ebola epidemic at its source.
“Focusing only on border control is not the right response. The world needs to put the fire out at its source because, if it doesn′t, Ebola could spread to any country, including those here in Asia.”
Korea has already pledged nearly six million U.S. dollars to the tackle the health crisis and is planning to send a joint military-civilian medical team to West Africa later this month.
China has also donated 1-hundred-23 million dollars to the cause, however the overall response from Asia is still lagging behind compared to Western states.
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