Who Is George Pataki?

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Over 2,600 people have died from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and the death toll continues to rise. The alarming reality remains that there is still no known cure for the virus, so what exactly are we doing to contain it?

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FACT SHEET: U.S. Response to the Ebola Epidemic in West Africa
“As the President has stated, the Ebola epidemic in West Africa and the humanitarian crisis there is a top national security priority for the United States. In order to contain and combat it, we are partnering with the United Nations and other international partners to help the Governments of Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Senegal respond just as we fortify our defenses at home. Every outbreak of Ebola over the past 40 years has been contained, and we are confident that this one can-and will be-as well.”

UN: nearly $1 billion needed to combat Ebola outbreak
“The United Nations announced today that it would need nearly $1 billion for an exceptional, international response to Ebola outbreak in West Africa, with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declaring: “Every day we delay, the cost and the suffering will grow exponentially.””

Sierra Leone concludes nationwide Ebola lockdown
“Frustrated residents complained of food shortages in some neighborhoods of Sierra Leone’s capital on Sunday as the country reached the third and final day of a sweeping, unprecedented lockdown designed to combat the deadly Ebola disease, volunteers said.”
Why Obama is committing 3,000 troops to fight Ebola
“As the worst-ever Ebola epidemic rages on in Africa, President Barack Obama announced Tuesday that the US will ramp up efforts to combat the the virus as part of “the largest international response in the history of the CDC.””

Ebola Worst-Case Scenario Has More Than 500,000 Cases
“The Ebola outbreak in West Africa could spread to hundreds of thousands more people by the end of January, according to an estimate under development by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that puts one worst-case scenario at 550,000 or more infections.”

U.S. to Commit Up to 3,000 Troops to Fight Ebola in Africa
“Under pressure to do more to confront the Ebola outbreak sweeping across West Africa, President Obama on Tuesday is to announce an expansion of military and medical resources to combat the spread of the deadly virus, administration officials said.”

CDC Safety Training Course for Healthcare Workers Going to West Africa in Response to the 2014 Ebola Outbreak
“As part of a comprehensive and coordinated response to the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is developing an introductory training course for licensed clinicians (e.g., nurses, physicians, and other healthcare providers) intending to work in an Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) in Africa.”

CDC Ramps Up Ebola Worker Training In Advance Of Obama Announcement
“With the President apparently ready to announce today a massive, concerted U.S. military and medical response to the west African Ebola crisis, we had inklings this was coming.”

Sierra Leone Ebola Fight Press Release
“The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) wishes to inform the general public that after careful evaluation of the three days “Ose to Ose” Ebola talk, it has reached a conclusion that more than 75% of its intended target of reaching 1.5 million households across the country with the correct information on Ebola has been achieved.”

Watch More: Why Can’t We Stop Ebola?

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Péter Alain Szpiriev says:

should run to become President of USA

Adam Banks says:

Ha. And all you 1.7% of people who supported him thought he would win

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin says:


Kuro Solis says:

George Pataki & John Kasich were the only moderates surrounded by far right republicans in that election.

Explode says:

He's the only decent republican that ran in 2016

khcstewie says:

Hey great video as always. You guys might already know this but it seems like a lot of your hyperlinks don't seem to be working after you changed your channel name to Seeker Daily.

Thomas Wade says:

Who is George Pataki? Let me guess a asshole?

Tony Gilmour says:

a "republican progressive" ….. uh, so I guess, not REALLY a "progressive" at all (big difference)
Cut taxes, esp. high end ….. NOT progressive
Against legal maryjane …. NOT progressive
Cut funds for education …. NOT progressive
Opposes (mostly) LGBT rights …. NOT progressive
Flip-flop on reproductive rights … NOT progressive
And, buddies with/dubya, Auhnold, and Rudolph the rednose liar!
So, how does this fucking bozo qualify as ANY kind of "progressive"?

Ezra Lee says:

Well…. at least this one's not too bad.

Adolphin Hitler says:

I know how to spell Schwartznegger!

Alejandro N.W. says:

This man is a liberal in conservative clothing. He should be running as a democrat

Flatscreengamer says:

A filler candidate

Michformer says:

He's currently my favorite GOP candidate.

JTN Akl says:

My options for the 2016 US elections are: 
1, Bernie Sanders – Independent 
2, Hillary Clinton – Democrat 
3, Martin O'Malley – Democrat 
4, Rand Paul – Republican and 
5, George Pataki – Republican

phnexOice says:

This guy is so far the oy republican that could possibly have a chance of winning as president in 2016 because he isn't one step away from being part of the KKK like every other republican running for president

Jared Kaiser says:

why are you covering presidential race candidate who are catholic ? like jeb bush, o'malley and santorum

Naudious says:

This guy doesn't even matter… do Rand Paul, the guy that actually needs a video…

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