What You Need to Know About Ebola

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SciShow News give you the facts about ebola, one of the world’s deadliest diseases that’s making a stand in West Africa.
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Jarlaxle Daerthe says:

Thanks God for another of your benevolent intelligent designs…

Dev Patel says:

Can you make video about HIV?

Daniell Bondad says:

Useless flame war volunteers.

Robert E. Waters says:

And then, there's Ebola Reston….fortunately harmless to humans, but transmitted through the air.

KadenzPlayz says:

Dayum. Didn't realize this outbreak had been going on for more than a year.

~Animal Jam Fanatics~ says:

I do not see how religion has anything to do with Ebola. Why not instead of atheists saying it was the Christian fault for telling the Africans something or the Christians saying whatever they say, let's actually think of ways to prevent, control, and/or eradicate the disease. Maybe even fund what ever program helps them if there is a program. Let's set our differences aside and look at the bigger picture. And yes I am a hypocrite for making this comment. Good day.

Jessica says:

Not "LAY-GAHS" it's pronounced "LAH-GOHS"

MrARKY89 says:

Ebola, like an angel of death that delivers those inflicted by life a state free from suffering.

Weapon Valhalla says:

I fucking hate malaria! Its so easy to get and its pretty much kills you.

Konzilla 2017 says:

ebola is fake

Console Peasant says:

Isn't it strains not "species".

Bad Gamer says:

It's not airborne YET

KiDZ says:

Aethlon Medical. Search them up.

Sean Webb says:

Can you explain sexual transmission after recovering from symptoms?

[MOVED] says:

People also make annoying jokes about Ebola.. =w=;

Tierra G says:

oh my gosh this is awesome but creepy I'm laughing

renatoyutub says:

the most important thing you need to know about ebola : IT WAS CREATED BY THE USA

intergalactic taco bell says:

So, don't let your uncle with Ebola pee on you I guess

Hugo Ross says:

You Make Me Snile! What's up, zo? cobweb ad hoc !

Bronze Azir says:

On all news said:“The zombie infection coming in May 2015“See this…now is November 2015 and no zombies yet.Did Rich come to kill infected men and women?

Derick Ofodirinwa says:

The capital of Nigeria is Abuja, not Lagos

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