US doctor with Ebola virus in Atlanta for treatment

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A US doctor infected with the Ebola virus has arrived in the state of Georgia for treatment.

Doctor Kent Brantly, who had been working for an aid group in Liberia, was brought back home on board a private plane fitted with a portable tent designed for transporting patients with highly infectious diseases.

He is being treated at a hospital in Atlanta and will be joined by a colleague also infected with the deadly virus.

The current outbreak is reported to be the largest since the disease fir…

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Darryl Lowe says:

Why are they talking about America

David Warren says:

I live in Georgia

Dozer eyes says:

why on earth would they allow this person into the US? DUMB DUMB

ElsalvayaHesavesnow says:

Sad ! but is a prophecy fulfillment previous to Rapture ( Matt. 24:7 Bible RV 1960).
Triste! pero es profecía cumplida antes del Arrebatamien.(Mat. 24:7 Biblia RV 1960).

J Lawton says:

It is not only Americans, people from other countries might bring the virus here to the US. this is like Robin Cook's book "Contagion". Very scary.

vallejo86333440 says:

Stop americans from going and coming its that simple.there going to infect the usa.

bonbonaro bonbonarov says:

how many private labs working for ministry of defense will get sample to work with ? 

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