UN says it's increasing efforts to contain Ebola

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The UN says it’s stepping up its efforts to contain the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It says it’s working closely with political and religious leaders. But the fight against the killer disease has been hampered by regional fighting.

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Baibonn Dilangalen Sangid says:

Grrrr this UN Ebola knows tpo well whom to attack??

Only Africans got them, ebola virus don't go to US of Al Qaeda the sources of sll pests on earth? It doesn't visit India let alone China or South Africa???

Very smart E B O L A, whatever that means, spread it the Western Nazi terrorists countries?😬🤐

Stephen kabya says:

Them gold fields are do coveted do much do that united nations agenda since 1950s hatched a plan to eradicate Africans!! To this day, that is their goal.

Water & Sky says:

We need more doctors and scientists all over the world to put their heads together to find a cure for this illness.

krash Kb says:

Send it to USA they need it to exterminate all republicans

Pastor Hass says:

And this once again proves that CGTN has some foreign staffers, who are planted by the American Deepstate/Democrats/UN. My suspicion seems valid. These sleeper-cells are now feeling comfortable to come out of the closet, and look what kind of news they've been uploading in the past 2 days. UN refugees related stuff and now the ebola outbreak in Africa. (I hope you know that they're claiming that EU took in millions and millions of refugees, in order to imply that China should take in at least million refugees. —-> This also is a propaganda, because behind the scene the UN backs America's military actions in Syria and so on, and they need to relocate all those people, so they themselves could take the land from them. And on the surface, they act like they're a caring hand to ask for help for these helpless refugees find homes in places like EU and China.)

Noneshere says:

So sad we can't figure this out.
What a horrible way to go.
I hope the world powers get together & figure this out before it spreads.
Simple smallpox devastated the south American Indians Huge population when the Spanish arrived.

Pastor Hass says:

Please, China, do not fall for UN. They're basically the American deepstate. It is none other than the UN (Deestate) that wants population reduction behind the scene, but in front they act like they are concerned about the Ebola Outbreak.

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