The Debate – Ebola Man Made? (P.1)

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The alarm is rising on the spread of the Ebola virus. Statistics, though not clear say at least 3,500 people have died from what they think is Ebola in 2014. The majority of cases have taken place in West Africa, mainly in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leon. However the first fatality has now taken place in the United States of a Liberian national recently arriving in the US. Many questions are being asked from if this disease is man made to whether it is being used as an excuse by the United States to control more African resources? This after US president Barack Obama declared war on Ebola, but instead of ordering health professionals to Africa, he has ordered the deployment of thousands of military troops.

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MGT Madness says:

Yes, bring US tropps with guns to kill the virus.


George EX says:

6:38 – Brother went in

Tariq mahmood says:

Yes is totally man made . Is part of N W O

Puppet Master says:

if common cold was powerful like ebola i would just wear 5 coats

Puppet Master says:

what the fuck only 3500 people died in 2014 october why are we panicing?

deleted account says:

can we kill the creators of ebola.. or give them ebola?

Owen Ltd says:

This is not rocket science, this Ebloa has been made and tested in Africa

Eternal Apostate says:

Blacks and Muslims these two groups will blame everybody for their failures and short comings.

Pierre S. says:

Iranian propaganda

the true lion of kemet the dark matter says:

and it only attacks mineral rich african nations 

goose gatherer says:

Please look at this video
Then download it before the NWO have it taken down, because they will.
It confirms my suspicions about the treacherous American government, led by the illegal president, and their continuous efforts, to deprive and steal from other races, their own resources, and to install “The American Way” on people who cannot fight back. This involves those soldiers who Barry boy sent to Africa to help out with the Ebola scam being run by the good old US of A….No wonder the world hates America, shame on everyone for allowing this to continue…… 
If you have any concerns about the current fear mongering perpetuated by the “We’re not sure” CDC group of incompetents, please look at this video… will be very surprised and disappointed about the new world order group who now control the white house and who will continue their constant barrage of fear mongering …..although you may have noticed that it has eased off a little so as not to lower the retail sales over Christmas….yes, you can expect it all to start up again in a few days….you really  couldn’t make this sh*t up could you. 

goose gatherer says:

People need to be aware that the new world order are heavily involved in the us government .They appear to be ruthless in their desire to own killing diseases to be able to control and dominate the populations of the world ……what I can't understand is this…..why aren't we hunting down these NWO loonies and dealing with them , or at least compiling information on them in order to exterminate them later. It can't be that difficult to infiltrate these groups to gather the information we will need…..I see the continual fear they create so my guess is it won't be too long before retaliation becomes the norm instead of the fear…..the world just isn't a good place to be with these NWO people around , they must be neutralised…..lock and load… 

Aaron Kasparov (2976) says:

Just remember, like me, I'm white, but my ancestors got here less than 100 years ago. My ancestors didn't have anything to do with killing Indians, and they didn't have anything to do with slavery. However even if they did, let me ask you this: If your grandfather committed a murder and received a 100 year sentence for it, and then he died 50 years into that sentence, would it be just, would it be right, to have you serve the remaining 50 years of his sentence, because you're of the same genetic lineage? Does that sound fair to you? Does that sound like something you'd support? Should you be reminded that your grandfather committed murder, and should you be taught to feel guilty for your grandfather's actions? You might feel bad, but should it be taught to you in school that you're somehow guilty for his actions? I don't think so. I'd consider that mental abuse. I'd question the motives of those who would have the audacity to suggest mentally abusing a person in such a manner. Yet in our society today, whites, no matter when their ancestors got here, no matter what they did, no matter if they died in the Civil War believing they were fighting to free slaves, no matter if they died fighting the NAZIS, they have it thrown in their faces that the land of America 'was stolen' and they're 'intruders'. Oh really? Why is it that only white males have people shaking their fingers at them all the time? The middle east was completely Christian and Jewish, and it was taken over by Muslims through conquest. I NEVER hear anyone suggest that those Muslims who reside in Saudi Arabia or Palestine or Syria or Turkey are on stolen land. Why not? Why the double standard? And if I'm not mistaken, the gentleman who claims to be part Native American in this video, seems to be a Muslim! And it seems that, so is the female host! Yet, they're shaking their finger at the white man. He makes it a point to mention whites by name. If you have a problem with what I'm saying, are you able to admit your own hypocrisy? All of history is tribe defeating tribe and taking their land. Now we're somewhat more civilized, at least on the surface. Is mental abuse the only thing you have to make yourselves feel better, when it's 100% guaranteed that all of your ancestors participated in the same exact activity that resulted in the colonization of America? All of you. "Native Americans" migrated to the Americas 13,000 years ago. They're technically 'native' to Asia, and those native tribes fought other native tribes in order to take their land. Just like in nature, lions stalk and kill beautiful animals in order to survive. It's not because they're evil. It's because that's their nature. Human beings are competitive. They're naturally tribal. Human beings have become much more civilized today on an individual basis in comparison. Therefore, the human beings of today, no matter where their ancestors hailed from or what they did, should not be held responsible for the actions of those from the past; just as one would not have the audacity to suggest that a grandson go directly to jail to serve the rest of his grandfather's sentence. If you disagree, how can you call yourself civilized?

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Numb Nest says:

Tell me this: how could a death machine (military) save any lives? Liars=US fascism.

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