Strengthening Health Systems | #APF15

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The recent Ebola outbreak laid bare the consequences of weak health care systems in Africa. In the hardest hit countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the disease is estimated to have claimed close to 9,000 lives, leading to the collapse of national health systems. Lack of community engagement and fear led to the closure of schools and markets, deepening the blow to already struggling economies. Countries such as Nigeria, Senegal and Mali defeated the virus; preparedness, readiness to treat and swift government action played a critical role in containing the spread of Ebola. What lessons were learned from this outbreak and how can these be leveraged to better prepare health systems for future health crises? How can health systems build greater resilience, engage communities and contribute to poverty reduction? And in this challenge what role can philanthropy play?

Ellen Agler, CEO, The END Fund

Agnes Binagwaho, Minister of Health, Republic of Rwanda

[Moderator] Mwihaki Kimura Muraguri, Senior Associate Director, The Rockefeller Foundation


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