Strengthening Collaboration on Humanitarian Emergency Response

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Dr. Emmanuel Dolo
Head of Secretariat, Presidential Advisory Council on Ebola
Office of the President, Republic of Liberia

Hon. Gangalal Tuladhar
Member of Parliament, Government of Nepal
Coordinator, National Campaign for Disaster Risk Reduction, Nepal

Valerie Bemo
Senior Program Officer, Global Development, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Jeremy Konyndyk
Director, Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance, USAID

Ky Luu
Executive Director, Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy, Tulane University

Moderated by:

Jennifer Cooke
Director, CSIS Africa Program

The West Africa Ebola crisis, the deadly April 2015 earthquake in Nepal, and ongoing crises in Syria, Central African Republic, and beyond have exposed weaknesses of global humanitarian emergency response efforts. Complex humanitarian emergencies require a constellation of actors from different sectors working collaboratively to save lives and provide critical services. A new report by the Disaster Resilience Group, A Networked Approach to Strengthening Emergency Response Capacity, draws lessons from international and local networks and offers recommendations for building capacity among first- and second-line responders and strengthening networks for emergency response. Panelists will present the report’s findings and discuss how they might be implemented to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of emergency response.


Aba Dolo says:

Dr, Dolo, your voice will never be silenced by death. I pledge to keep your legacy alive. Rest well my 'Book Doctor'

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