Sanjay Gupta MD: Can Ebola live outside the body?

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CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta answers your questions about Ebola, from transmission to containment.


muddy water says:

If it can live on surfaces the same lot that infects the person could still be on them 2 days later contaminating other objects and they would show no signs of being sick, touch nothing and wash regularly

Trey Dee says:

Dont believe ANYTHING American and U.K. mainstream media says…..their all paid by the federal government.
Their whole purpose is to control and persuade public actions and emotions. Fuck cnn, fox, msnbc…, all of em.
Your better off getting news info off the internet , watching local news feeds, and watching international news online.

therecovery2010 says:

So can ebola live in feaces and vomit, because there may be traces of blood in these, right? Then what happens when ebola gets flushed into the sewage system? Can it thrive in the system?

Paradise33 says:

people.does that make sense ? if your not sick you cant spread it? its still in your body? serious question….?if the virus is present you can spread it .just like AIDS dont let them downplay this shit. they will say it to the very end

Paradise33 says:

fuck you and your ads cnn

Dj Colourzone says:

Sanjay, you're a good man but really they have you working very hard in order to downplay this for them.
The fact alone I saw your surprised face when they cured those 2 case workers tells me you were as much surprised that they had a cure as the rest of us.
Now we know that anything can be synthesized once they have a sample the fact they say they don't have this serum is dubious at best.
I see this just like every other story CNN carries all day and flogs to death another bait and switch.
May God have mercy on the souls that are responsible of lying, misleading or otherwise confusing the people.
Novus Ordo Seclorum…Order out of chaos.

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