Quarantined nurse speaks to CNN

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Kaci Hickox, a nurse under mandatory quarantine in N.J., slams the new policy and says she is in good health.



Why don't she get it. We want her quarantined. If she don't like the laws if the land, the she can't get the hell out of the US!

Lisa M Flores says:

Did you people not watch or listen to why she refuses anymore time being held in the hospital or in her house ..she was tested for Ebola by monitored tenperatures and by Blood not once but twice and is not symptomatic..If she was sick or a confirmed case with symptoms..if she refused quarantine than..then people would have a reason to call her selfish and all the horrible thing people have been when isn't sick..people need to put yourself in another persons shoes..try on hers see how you would feel..doctors told her she doesn't have Ebola..she just wants to get back to somewhat regular life..I don't blame her..peace

SantaFe19484 says:

This reminds me of what Benjamin Franklin said "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." The fact our government is doing this to people means we are on a dangerous slippery slope towards dictatorship.

Marco Dunn says:

Kaci is a CDC spook, and when she starts infecting other's by breaking her quarantine then they will lynch her.

San Antonio says:

First that spook obama doesn't know shit and the nurse needs to have the shit beat out of her then shot in the fucking head along with her family. FRICK HER and the pain she is causing others by scaring the shit out of them with her stupid antics. Skin her fricking kids alive to show her she is fricking stupid.

tavana123 says:

She is a FUCK. Just because she went to FUCK AFRICA doesn't make her above the law. FUCK her. SO now everybody can break the law and defy the order.

finnred123 says:

There is only one reason she is doing this. To make a QUICK BUCK with her 15 minutes of fame. You'll see a book in a few months about her "awful" story. Such a con

David S says:

What kind of a nurse would deliberately take chances with the lives of others just because a short term quarantine is an inconvenience?  It seems like a small price to pay to safeguard lives.  Hmmm, I wonder who she'd blame if she did end up spreading the virus to someone else.  People this arrogant never take responsibility for their own actions.

wowersdh1 says:

with all do respect, You're not the only one has human right. People get scary because of your irresponsible acting and scientifically, their's chance that you might have Ebola. That's why they we require quarantine. What if You get infected Ebola and people in NY starts to panic? because of panic buy crime will go up, economic will damaged, Ebola might have a chance to spread all over the world… I mean I know you sacrifice in Africa, why not in US?? 

La Love says:

Than we also need to quarantine all the doctors and nurses treating ebola at Emory, and all the other hospitals in the US.

mechmusician says:

FUCK THIS BITCH! Quarantine is not optional. She exposed herself, now she has to deal with the consequences. It's that simple. This country needs to be cleansed of self-absorbed pieces of shit like this. If she steps one foot out of her house, she should be shot in the head, and then burn her house down with her in it. It's not about her rights, it's about containing an outbreak. Nobody's constitutional rights matter if they come before containment of an outbreak. The rest of us have a right not to be infected.

Furthermore, she is NOT an epidemiologist. She is a low-level nurse. She is not qualified to speak about outbreak containment. Her job is to stfu and do what the doctors tell her to, when they tell her to do it. Did you go to med school Kaci? No? Then stfu, cunt.

The good news is that this move will follow her for LIFE. Kaci, you will never, ever get a good job outside of your volunteer work ever again. Nor should you. You should be barred from the medical profession for life.

UnderseaCaveman says:

She is such a hypocrite…..a nurse is suppose to protect health….she is a ticking time bomb.
2:05—she does not understand, she is a retard.

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