Q&A About Screening for Ebola

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Trish Perl, M.D., senior epidemiologist for Johns Hopkins Medicine, answers questions about the screening guidelines for people suspected of having Ebola.

1. 0:15 Given the state’s new guidelines, how will we monitor
Johns Hopkins physicians and staff who return from
a country at high risk for an Ebola outbreak?
2. 0:46 How are we screening our patients?
3. 1:26 How would we monitor someone who
presents with symptoms of Ebola at one
of our member hospitals?
4. 2:14 What is the process for diagnosing
and treating a suspected Ebola case?
5. 3:00 How will evaluation, monitoring
and treatment of a child differ
from that of an adult?
6. 3:27 With the flu season approaching,
how can we protect ourselves?
7. 4:05 How will Johns Hopkins continue to
respond to new information concerning Ebola?
8. 4:44 What encouraging news is there
in the fight against Ebola?
9. 5:51 What assurances can we give to
patients, visitors and staff?



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