Outbreak in Liberia: The Fight Against Ebola (Part 1)

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Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News The current Ebola outbreak in West Africa began in Guinea in December 2013. From there, it …


VICE News says:

VICE News traveled to the Liberian capital of Monrovia to spend time with
those on the front lines of the outbreak.

Watch Part 2: http://bit.ly/Ebola-2
Watch Part 3: http://bit.ly/Ebola-Part-3

Watch *Monkey Meat and the Ebola Outbreak in Liberia* –

OddzEndz says:

Assholes like you guys keep going to infected areas and bringing the shit
home. That’s the fucking problem.

l33tshoe says:

Leave them to deal with it. Quarantine the whole continent. Don’t send our
people over there to die like dogs at the hands of savages who make cavemen
look like ivy leaguers.

Nenita says:

And now Ebola is here in the U.S. 

Cristian Sosa says:

*Education* is all these people need, proper education. Where’s the
government that the people has to do their job?

Egyptian Patriot says:

Gotta love the Liberian accent :)
I hope they recover from Ebola. 

Dwayne Sure says:

You people are some evil motherfuckers, Ebola was created in a lab by white
people jus like HIV, White people will die too, just remember your not
apart of the 1% elites. What’s the point gain the world and lose your soul,
makes no sense. 

sha3rawee1 says:

I’m scared of having an infection from simply watching this 

Skyler Thomas says:

Thank God for immigration, globalism and multiculturalism, huh? Instead of
keeping them and their diseases strictly confound in their own parts of the
world we get the privilege of allowing them into our parts of the world so
that we may share these new wonderful diseases with them. It will be great,
it will be just like AIDS and West Nile Encephalitis all over again.

borgey says:

It could kill hundreds of thousands within the coming months says Obama. So
lets send OUR FUCKING TROOPS over there. Thanks Obama you stupid fucking
piece of shit. Ebola in America IS ON YOUR HANDS you fucking idiot. I wish
I could personally see you so I could tell you how big of a piece of shit
you are and how America HATES you.

William Smith says:

How can you really protect your family if your never told the complete
story. This is the only news crew that I have seen that have really went
deep to learn more about Ebola. Please take the time to look at all three
parts of their coverage.

Remember just because you close your eyes and pretend that the storm is not
at there, that doesn’t mean you wont get wet.

The Fight Against Ebola (Part 1/3)

#Ebola #Health #Faith #God

BoyFrost says:

Ebola has been proven to be an unnatural organism, this virus is man-made,
created to kill off as many people as it can for population control’s sake.
The American government is in complete control over the situation, they’ll
let more people die and eventually release a vaccine they already have to
the public. So not only are they decreasing the population, not only are
they keeping us in fear, not only are they profiting off of this virus, but
they also have us under their control and distracted, which makes it easier
for them to fulfill some other sinister agenda.

TheAlbsar says:

It’s sad to see that the comments posted by some people are so superficial
and racist. The real situation here, is that humans are dying and they need
our help. Stop racism and start helping our brothers and sisters of the

micah moore says:

When you’re the only one in your village that hasn’t caught Ebola…

Derick Steel says:

I’m not going to get worried about Ebola until more than 50,000 of
us die. Worries of dieing from the Flu never cross my mind and the CDC says
that thousands of Americans die from it every year.
I Copied and Pasted this from cdc.gov
Flu seasons vary in severity. It is estimated that between 5% to 20%
of U.S. residents get the flu, and it is estimated that more than 200,000
people are hospitalized(http://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/qa/hospital.htm) on
average for flu-related complications each year. Over a period of 30 years,
between 1976 and 2006, estimates of flu-associated deaths in the United
States range from a low of about 3,000 to a high of about 49,000 people
every year.

Karam Mansouri says:

Guys you will get ebola if you touch the screen unfortunately im a victim

Josesito Martinez says:

How come the Japanese rose from the atomic ashes and gave us toyota, honda,
lexus, samsung, sony, Atari… But these people have been around for
centuries and didn’t even invent the wheel 

ally boyd says:

I swear some of you guys…. your comments are heartless. You guys make me
wish i was not american. You guys are some messed up people.

Finterifyell says:

Drop some of that virus on Isis

bulg7430 says:

Oh Liberia, a failed American project! There flag looks like the USA flag,
they wear shirts of collages in the US, they name places after American
people and Presidents they probably don’t even know, and they get nothing
from the US government. Talk about puppets of the west! Sad know wonder its
beyond they understanding!!!

Jordan Lewis says:

Africans are fucking stupid.

jewtube says:

bunch of mindless sheeps keep believing everything that’s fed to you
morons. Ebola is a man made biological weapon created with the sole
intention to wipe out the “undesirables” African people under the name
“population control”. The CIA, government and the military all played a
hand in this 

Nifty Tv says:

these reporters are savages going into africa no matter if they get ebola

Khaled Jaber says:

Ebola can you go to Israel or U.S , please ?

rahhcousweet91 says:

Ebola is Man made,and I don’t give a shit if you guys think this disease
just randomly “popped outta no where” nooo.. Don’t be fucking stupid, the
government approved this shit, and you guys are all just finding out about
Ebola through ya’ll fucking facebook account, instead of fucking digging in
deeper, to know how this came about, and it makes no sense to me how this
appeared out of nowhere..
This was man-made, and it’s spreading because they created the disease and
we’re all getting it..
Same shit how the fucking scientist were paid by the upper class to infect
us with Herpes and shit…. that’s why we all can get it with simple
contact… this world is messed up because we’re a messed up piece of
God have mercy of me and all of us… this is insane.. there’s no future
but people are still walking around blind and all.. what has gotten into
us..open your fucking mind!!!!!! and stop being FOOLED!!
evil is fucking reall in this world! so this is why this shit is

Ken Liang says:

anyone see poopoo and peepee on 2:10

KillaBoy says:

We need to nuke Africa. Obama should send the American troops to kill them,
not help them.

THOMASSU63 says:

I have a very bad feeling about this virus. We should nuke it from orbit.
Only way to be really sure, isn’t it?

Squirtle says:

I have coffee imported from Rwanda, Africa. Am I in trouble or?

VestaJ17 says:

Ebola was created in a lab, its a man made depopulation method. These
“outbreaks” always come from africa, its the easiest country to blame. ‘Bad
sanitation, hygiene’ etc. No, these viruses are tested in africa. NO RICH
PERSON WILL EVER DIE OF EBOLA. Only middle class and below. Its crazy we
live in 2014 and people still think even cancer still has no cure.

Georgie Baby says:

*Villages need to be razed to the ground en masse; an entire new grid of
streets, houses and shops should be constructed.
*Street sweeping trucks and teams of people need to be cleaning the
streets, schools, roads, bridges and other infrastructure.
*Lessons in personal hygiene and lifestyle needs to be taught. How to eat,
clean, wash, launder, etc.
*Proper irrigation, electricity, etc needs to be built.
*Monkey and forest meat has to be banned. Anyone caught trying to
catch/eat it is imprisoned, etc.
Without a complete change and being brought into the 21st Century, we
should expect more of this.

Michael Doerner says:

This sucks…..no way to contain this…..until it burns itself out.

MyRatingsMakesSense says:

I’ve started the petition “CDC: Stop focusing on ISIS and focus on the
EBOLA Crisis & Stop mainstream Lying to the public about Ebola being
non-airborne” and need your help to get it off the ground.
Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here’s the link:
Here’s why it’s important:

Our lives are at risk Ebola is spreading at an alarming rate and we don’t
have the necessary resources to do anything about it because our government
is making ISIS and Syria a primary concern over the health and well being
of the citizens in our own country. After all isn’t that why we formed the
United Nations? To protect and defend our nations and humanity as a whole.

GlobalProductions7 says:

That reporter is gonna catch Ebola then come back to the US infected.

vandammefanz1 says:


Austin Bell says:

Come on just give them the meds, its just going to get worse unless you do
something drastic, the only way itl stop on its own is if it runs out of
hosts to contaminate.

mongrel man says:

aww fuck yeah cool more zombies for call of duty

Mad Jack Tramper says:

For all your braveness in wanting to open the news to the world by covering
these stories, by your own actions you are being so utterly irresponsible!
You are not ‘suited up’, using no PPE precautions whatsoever. So you
yourself, by you own code of conduct, are helping to spread the disease by
your ignorance. I am stunned and shocked that as ‘world renowned
journalists’, you and your crew could endanger even more people. Carrying
water alone with chlorine will not protect you or your colleagues. All it
takes for you to become infected is for one droplet of sputum from any of
those people that you were speaking to – who could be carriers, for that
droplet to land on your face, in your eyes, on your clothes, on your hands.
Do you think the safety glasses and masks in PPE are for show? I really
hope by the time you get home you’ve not spread the virus even further,
across more borders. Regards ex nurse ‘Karen’ (and Jack)

Extra-Terrestrial says:

The cure only work on white people as we are superior, niggers are an
inferior species especially genetically, intellectually and mentally. They
slow us down too much so they are simply getting rid of what is holding
back humanity. 

TheTunao says:

That reporter is crazy, in ukraine too he ran arround, all over dangerous

Nibras ali says:

Could Ebola spread through rains o.O

Logical Eye says:

Maybe weed could heal Ebola? :O

Ephraim Adwell says:

Meanwhile in the US, selfish Americans are more concerned about their own
health, rather than the people who are actually suffering. 

Xendrius says:

Rename this to “the fight against Illuminati biological weapons”.

ahwg ahsgq says:

All of Africa will be done for if they do not receive the proper
assistance. The reason ebola has taken such a flight, and spread widely
across the continent, can be related to a few major factors being lack of
education and primitive culture which causes people living in rural, and
sometimes urban areas go to seek assistance from their witch doctors
instead of a professional doctor. You also have the lack of infrastructure,
and adequate facilities as well as trained medical personal and you also
have dysentery contend to as well which helps the virus thrive and prosper
from. I see a very grim future, and more deaths coming to the African
continent if this is not contained.

unknown123012 says:

Apparently no one on the comment board understands this disease and how it
is currently unstoppable. This disease has a 90% fatality rate, has an
incubation period, is viral, and mutates whenever it infects another host.
Contrary to what the CDC says (they lie to keep everyone calm), the disease
can be spread just by touching someone who’s sweating. This means that it
is REALLY hard to treat patients, let alone find a cure. The only way to
prevent this disease from spreading is to cut off its supply. Have every
person who wants to go to America from the infected countries stay in a
prison cell until the incubation period is over.

Hedser Wijbenga says:

Liberians are the most stupid people in the world

fifthgear93 says:

2:08 ebola IS REAL? wut? ISRAEL! the jews are behind this, the jews are
behind everything lol

Dardania Lion says:

Very sad. The rich countries are raging wars. Wasting money after bombs but
here no one cares to help. You know what I think when I see this? Let the
world be fucked up by Ebola.

Why does the UN not bring facilities to help these people? Because they are
black? Fuck color, we all are humans.

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