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Mikkel Olsen says:

You deserve the 10k & so much more in the future, this is fine art! Liked very much! :)

Space Entity says:

I'm getting a battle vibe from this.

Ema Leon says:

Your music is so beautiful, this has a theme a war going on and its really good

Jonsku 666 says:

Can't wait for the next song: "TWO"

Mr.Shephard says:

it's like air raid crisis, sounds good

ferenjianboard says:

Hey, this song initially reminds a bit of HARMOR, your other song :) Thanks for creating first a song named ZERO, now one called ONE :) Being a 01 blood type, the binary code flowing through my veins can now be at peace ^^ Keep up the good work and hugs >:D<

Andre B says:

This channel really is underrated. The music from it is definitely movie-quality. So good!

cool skeleton says:

When do you gonna make two

Wyatt Brown says:

This does sound like something from a movie, I like it a lot 😀

Dr Jack Bright says:

As ever you have managed to produce another masterpiece, it’s utterly fantastic

Agustín Leal says:

WOW this music is awesone! Somehow it reminds me of Pacific Rim at the beginning

Mika Satoh says:

OMG this is so good!!!!


Your music needs more recognition irishtrish❤️❤️❤️

CMD God says:

Really nice!
(I noticed you made some movie-style tracks recently. Do you plan on making a film?)

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