Obama’s Ebola Speech, Ebola in USA, Urging for International Support

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Obama’s full speech to international leaders urging them to cut through red tape and provide health workers on the ground and support in all ways possible.



Adam Selene says:

Obola is such a sleazebucket.

guitarhaus says:

This is just another issue Obama knows nothing about and because of his lack of ability he is putting the United States in jeopardy allowing people to come here who have the disease.  I would think he would do everything within his power to not let it come into this country and secure our borders to not let this outbreak happen here,  I swear to God I think our worst enemy is Obama, he is incapable of wiping his ass he is brainless.  What the hell is wrong with this lunatic…..

Ralf Rath says:

How USA politcains played with the lifes of all US american people in USA? To allow only one ebola man to come into the USA – is this a good idea for USA and all US people who lived in peace!

1pooltub says:

CULL THE INBRED ELITE! CULL THE INBRED ELITE! Release the already available vaccine for this man made WMD!

Joanne Mann says:

You started it you Demon and you can stop it! BUT YOU WON'T BECAUSE THIS IS YOUR PLAN SO STOP LYING!!!!!!!! LIAR!!
Will you EVER tell the truth?
Sorry, that was a stupid question.
Don't they have all the big black containers that hold multiple bodies like we do?

ENT.🎬MyNiNja says:

Notice he never said how they would stop it through a cure,but to send troops and supplies to contain it.

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