Nurse Kaci Hickox sues Gov. Christie over Ebola quarantine

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Says she was imprisoned against her will; does she have a case?
Watch Arthur Aidala and Jenna Lee talk about Apple News, Ebola, and Infectious Disease on Happening Now.


jim ray says:

Thanks for putting your fellow man first since you knew more than the experts.

januaryman169 says:

No one made her go help those people. No one made her become a nurse. She chose to be a nurse. She chose to help. She also knew the risk she was taking. So as a nurse, who really wants to help people, one would think that she would be willing to assure that she wasn't passing ebola on to others. Truth is, she chose to be a nurse for the money. Not to help others.

Viral Awakening says:

This lady is a idiot and I can't stand Chris is a moron.

s7uidz says:

Can we sue her if she gives us ebola? Exactly baseless lawsuit ohh boo hoo my cell phone only has 2 bars.

s7uidz says:

Ebola could kill millions in NYC this lady just wants free money. max of $200.00 payout for 3 days of her life

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