New Ebola vaccine shows promising results

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An experimental vaccine for Ebola is showing promising results, after mass medical trials in Guinea. The disease has killed at least 11-thousand people in West Africa over the past two years. Caroline Malone has more Until recently – there was no medicine to prevent Ebola. More than 20,000 people across (where?) have been infected by the virus since 2014 in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia – 11-thousand people who became violently ill didn’t survive. Their families and anyone coming into contact with them were also threatened – Ebola spreads easily among people. But some lives were saved with a new experimental vaccine, which was rushed INTO production when the outbreak became severe. 11-thousand people in Guinea started a trial of an experimental vaccine last year – the programme was led by the Guinean government, the World Health Organisation and international partners. Around half of the trial PATIENTS received the vaccine, and NONE caught Ebola within a 10 day incubation period. What we have shown is that in the vaccinated people we have had zero case of Ebola, while, at the same time, we have had 23 cases in the people who were not vaccinated with Ebola. So you compare zero to 23, and you can calculate that you have a vaccine which has shown a 100% efficacy. Of course, you know, in a larger group, it could be that it is not a 100, it could be 80 (%), 90 (%), but this still shows that the vaccine is highly efficacious The vaccine had few side-effects, and although three people had strong reactions to it, none were affected long term. Ebola causes fever and nausea, and often leads to internal bleeding WHICH IS OFTEN FATAL. With no medicine available to treat it, the best cure IS prevention. Something this trial has shown is possible if enough of the vaccine is made available to the people who need it. – Subscribe to our channel: – Follow us on Twitter: – Find us on Facebook: – Check our website:


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