New Ebola treatment trial underway amid Congo outbreak

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(CNN)The Democratic Republic of Congo has kicked off the world’s first multidrug randomized control trial to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of experimental drugs used to treat Ebola patients, the World Health Organization announced Monday.There have been 412 Ebola cases, including 236 deaths, in this outbreak in Congo as of Saturday, according to WHO. Concerns remain that the outbreak could spread into neighboring nations.Ebola outbreak worst in history of Democratic Republic of Congo”While our focus remains on bringing this outbreak to an end, the launch of the randomized control trial in DRC is an important step towards finally finding an Ebola treatment that will save lives,” WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a statement Monday. “Until now, patients have been treated under a compassionate use protocol, with drugs that showed promise and had a good safety profile in laboratory conditions,” he said. “The giant step DRC is taking now will bring clarity about what works best, and save many lives in years to come. We hope to one day say that the death and suffering from Ebola is behind us.” Experimental drugs approved for use in Congo Ebola outbreakIn August, Congo’s Ministry of Health reported an outbreak of Ebola virus disease in North Kivu province. The outbreak emerged about a week after the government declared that a previous outbreak had ended.Read MoreThe new outbreak — the second this year — began in North Kivu and spread to Ituri province in the east of the country. The two provinces, which are among the most populated in the nation, border Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan.The outbreak marks the 10th time since 1976 that Ebola has struck Congo.An accumulation of evidenceMore than 160 patients have been treated with investigational therapeutics under a protocol called the Monitored Emergency Use of Unregistered and Investigational Interventions, which was designed not to test the drugs but rather to provide them as something similar to a compassionate use, for instance.With the new trial, patients can be offered treatments under that framework of the study, according to WHO. JUST WATCHEDWhy isn’t Ebola airborne?ReplayMore Videos …MUST WATCH Why isn’t Ebola airborne? 01:20The trial is coordinated by WHO and led and sponsored by Congo’s National Institute for Biomedical Research, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Alliance for International Medical Action, among other groups.Last month, WHO convened a meeting of international organizations, United Nations partners, countries at risk of Ebola, drug manufacturers and others to agree on a framework to continue trials in the next possible Ebola outbreak.Over time, the trials could lead to an accumulation of evidence and research that will help better the world’s understanding of the effectiveness of currently available Ebola drugs and new drugs that may be developed.’The security sit


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