New Ebola Outbreak Reported In The Congo

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NicoleM2108 says:

I cannot believe the comments on this video. People are dying and they need to have the proper information about this horrible disease. All of you in here are sitting in your comfy homes spreading hate and garbage conspiracy theories. If you are so concerned, then do something, (donate, go volunteer) but do not engage in these fantasies and spread harmful disinformation. BTW, Ebola, Marburg, and all strains of this virus kill indiscriminately. Marburg and Ebola were in the EU, the world health is at stake.

RaiderDeepBall says:

Dry run for Disease X

1tousen says:

The usual suspects are behind this and they're all White.


It's beginning😔

Allen Ahmaad Asar'el says:

Yes we can blame Euros…but what about those African leaders. Why are we so passive and manipulated allowing this foolishness. (letting them come over there to give fake aid) They've shown their hands long enough and we still falling for it?

Kill Monger says:

The neanderthal cave beast strike again. The White man poisons every where he goes!!


propaganda, bio warfare,… why these Africans keep allowing these cloud skins and them sterilizing vaccines in is beyond me.

corrupt african leaders selling out they own for what, shiny objects

Falcon Nation says:

Hmmm Ebola only outbreaks in largely African/black population countries?? When does the outbreak happen in European countries??

DallasFortWorth TX91 says:

Africa need to keep bill gates and them pale devils out of Africa. If Africa do that then there will be no more out breaks.

Al G says:

The issue what are black folks are going to do about this. Are we going to create our own byochemical weapons that can kill Europeans or are we going to march like usual?

Al G says:

Now the black women that take the vaccines are are going to sterilize. We are fucked either way. Why you don't hear about this Ebola outbreak in Europe 🤔🤔smh

Al G says:

These crackers are at it again. The U.N is full of shit. They are working with cdc and pharmaceutical companies that is doing this.

Sal watson says:

Revenge for what's happening in South Africa.

Ms. Woodard says:

White people need to take all their diseases and everything else they invented back to the caves

ingrid charles says:

Wow that's sad Africa has suffered enough already.

Real says:

Keep white people away from your land, air, and water. And definitely don't accept their "vaccines". AIDS was introduced via polio "vaccines" and they are sterilizing Africans with "vaccines".


Made by whites in a lab

Michael O says:

Bill Gates wants to finish us off. Don't take the vaccine. The disease itself are white people!!!

John Blaze says:

Bio Terror Attacks By The White Insane Devil 👿😈👿😈👿😈

The King of All Things Possible says:


Old Glory says:


Nicole Shelton says:

Euro thrash at it again

ChampCarforlife says:

This is another bio terrorist attack by Europeans to stop the growth of the Black population.

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