NBC Medical Correspondent Violates Ebola Quarantine

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NBC Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman who made headlines back in 2010 during the swine flu scare when she told MSNBC viewers, “just get your da…


Medical Response Team says:

Ebola is not contagious this is a report form the Canadian Medical
association ! 

candacej330 says:

I’m not so sure she doesn’t know that this is a hoax. Maybe there really is
nothing to worry about.
An advertising campaign for Big Pharma

Michael Pelletier says:

When the elite retreat to their D.U.M.B.`s I hope that Ebola gets in
through the air ducts .

Lois Dye says:

What level of mental illness do these celebrity experts suffer from? Ebola
doesn’t care how super-important they are. Quack.

Antonis Papas says:

Its cause she is exceptional.

KidCaribbean70 says:

If I owned that soup restaurant, I would sue her ass off!

shroomingnewman says:

i hope all this fearmongering discredits alex for the shill that he is.
ebola is as real as the martian flu. this is nothing more than a psyop to:
1. quarantine (imprison )people arbitrarily
2. sell vaccines
3. eventually make innoculation mandatory

and the infowhores are playing their role in spreading the fear porn.
people that follow this jarheaded moron, should wake the fuck up

REDDAWN2016 says:

The Devil couldn’t script the handling of this shit any better! They want
this shit to spread. What a fucked up departure in thought the elite have
from the rest of us. They push to kill humanity while we scrounge for
pennies to survive. Unreal times & not unlike any other time in history. We
have grown in numbers but clearly have not gotten much smarter. Sheep at
birth & sheep till death.

BlackWolf18C says:

Seriously though, they ordered her to quarantine herself and didn’t expect
her to violate it? If she wasn’t put under watch and guard she wasn’t in
quarantine. What a joke.

Boki Mi says:

Ebola is fake..just psyop to invade africa and to overtake chinese market
..thats just propaganda and this indiana jones show push just the fear
agenda…all bla bla..but he had the liquid solution..hahaha

Gaming History Source says:

If our joke of a president were as eager to spread liberty as He were
ebola, We would be a lot better off as a nation.

scomberscombrus says:

She thinks she’s above the law and clearly doesn’t care about public health.

Must be a right bitch so the NWO have probably warmed to her and so will
protect her from any repercussions. Plus NWO wants to infect us with ebola
to further their depopulation agenda so everyone’s a winner as far as
they’re concerned. 

Keepinitreal Keepingitreal says:

Mainstream media broke this, Alex Jones /Infowars team just cut and pasted
this and embellished

Steve Mac says:

Does anyone actually have proof of this visit to buy her favourite soup
???? … 

badjujuR6 says:

Wow….. So because she wanted soup….. She may have spread Ebola in NY
city! Wow! I hate these hypocrites! And they all seem to be liberal brain
dead sicofants! liberals are the problem, they are 100x more dangerous than

jerryjamify says:

Im surprised Infowars is involved in the fear porn over ebola, its all
looking fake to me, and this doctor leaving quarantine makes it even more
the likely hood that its another swine flue type bullshit money making

Hi There says:

NBC please get rid of her.

george kenney says:

what was she thinking of to put people in danger like this and also you
might think as a doctor she would know better to do this for Soup,

John Langlois says:

This is B.S. She’s an MD she’s not going to walk into a disease with the
intent of contracting it. 

rubshop30 says:

Doesn’t she care of spreading this illness over soup?

Cathianne1 says:

As the mother of a critical care nurse in the area, I ask you sign the
petition to have “Dr” Nancy fired.

ilovecanines says:

I believe this is more about her being a doctor than a mainstream news
correspondent. Physicians are notorious for violating infection control
protocols and choosing to believe the rules don’t apply to them because
they are somehow different. How do I know this? Decades of experience
working with them. I don’t mean to scare anyone or seem unprofessional, but
it’s high time they be held to a higher level of accountability.

PerrrfictKats says:

Military should pick up Obola and anyone who had anything to do with
relaxing the protocols for infectious diseases in 2005. They deliberately
brought this in to endanger the American people, they should all be
relieved of their positions and jailed for crimes against humanity….

Michael Barry says:

I hope that Snyderman bitch has Ebola. NWO scum

TangyTithers says:

Well she isn’t dead and hasn’t turned into a zombie.

PoliceCrime says:

She says it’s “good science” to abort children with genetic defects. Click


Jackie Welsh says:

Well the place where she gets her soup …will be really pissed..because
the dumb ass just passed everyone in New York on the streets and everyone
in her “favorite soup” place…thanks idiot! And she works for who? Because
she is an awfully stupid person to be working for NBC? OH THATS RIGHT NBC

ufoimtc says:

Just drink yer dang soup!

Jim Bikeman says:

As I see it ..1 she comited perjury in my state its a 5 year prison
sentence…2 she knowingly and wifuly conspired to at the very least harm
the public..to wilfilly introduced a poison like someone poisoning someines
food..3 its a hell of a lot easier to sanatize a prison cell than a
home…4 did anybody consider if any person. exposed to ebola sat down on a
public toilet..used their hands to open a public door????…5 why aren’t
all the low lifes who knowingly alowed any introduction of any carier
kid$,airplanes idmeately jailed under pdf oath of arrest and prosecution us
code 18,..241-242..10 years prison..go to youtube jibikeman oath of arrest
and prosecution 17 minute video 

bob733333 says:

Funny I keep seeing a video of this cunt saying to take your damn vaccine
video fed to me.

Qlimex says:

it seem red lips going to be living with Alex :D

inquisitor says:

Reckless public endangerment. It is every American’s patriotic duty and
duty to humanity to neutralize this woman.

wolco003 says:

NO SOUP FOR YOU!!! Come back…21 days! China, Russia, India…? Hmm…

aslimline S says:

can anyone say mosquitos

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