Managing the Spread of Infection: The Fight Against Ebola (Part 3)

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In Part 3 of The Fight Against Ebola, we return to Redemption Hospital in Monrovia and speak with Mohammed Sankoh, the director of the facility, which started as a holding center for patients but has since turned into a de facto treatment center. We also visit a nearby Doctors Without Borders (MSF) facility and learn about the challenges foreign healthcare workers face as they help manage the crisis.

The current Ebola outbreak in West Africa began in Guinea in December 2013. From there, it quickly spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone. Cases also appeared in Senegal and Nigeria, and there was another outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Today, Liberia is at the center of the epidemic, with more than 3,000 cases of infection. About half of them have been fatal. 

As President Barack Obama announced that he would be sending American military personnel to West Africa to help combat the epidemic, VICE News traveled to the Liberian capital of Monrovia to spend time with those on the front lines of the outbreak. 

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Keiio ve says:

4:15 " if i were you i will not go "
That actually gave me Goosebumps,

Meryjoanna yana says:

I really sad for these people.I believed when there's diseases there's a cure.why those ppl don't find cure to help them instead just help them built a treatment centre.

Sword of S says:

To those people that watch few youtube videos and all of a sudden are experts: armchair experts. Have decency and keep silent, respect other people suffering and death. To all the judgmental and conspiratorial people, go over there to have a look. After we'll talk. But first you have to see it, smell it and feel it.

Ivan Šalić says:

When boss said to him "Go,back home and meet your family there." That was soo sad i think somebody died to thst guy

Haroun says:

upload more of this

Victor Tran says:

Everyone thinks they rise from the dead

Avellino ARH says:

And this folks is how rich people make more money. 

Jaeger says:

Wow that doctor speaks in very wise tones, really listening to every single word carefully when he speaks.

Google's too advanced says:


asmalina7 says:

It has a virus called J virus that's a deadly infected bacteria

Kacey says:

I wonder why the news all of a sudden stopped reporting as much about Ebola? Obama must have told them to put a lid on it.

Anta Lather says:

Stop eating the monkey if you need help

Agatha says:

Good work, Vice. I hope all of us watching this donate something, I certainly did. We are all in it together, guys.

Tom Birmingham says:

love the doctor not letting him in.  "you're not practiced in the use of those suits and you can infect yourself even with those suits". 

MMI Dan says:

These people being interviewed are extremely wise. If only some more of my fellow Americans could be that way. Great reporting VICE News. 

M Moalin says:

So,There is a cure for Ebola?

Shantee Ariana says:

That doctor Is a smart man

Thomas Taylor says:

Pushing the limit wasn't they!! Great ADVICE!!!

Aphel says:

Check the interview startin around 6:20. The guys says it was horrible how they had to turn patients away, because there was no space… Really emotional for him. Heartbreaking even…

But somehow giving an interview inside a tent with at least two dozen empty cots is somehow more important for him than getting the people, who heartbreakingly have to be turned away, to these beds.

Pretty twisted priorities.

chemicalgirl says:

This is just so sad. I pray a cure is found soon.

Transgenderism is a Big Hoax says:

Danny Gold, you are an idiot. You are an Ebola victim waiting to happen!

JR Fresh says:

America seems to be good at intervening in creating problems, but bad at creating solutions:)

crazycomic says:

Such a terrible thing.

tarreki8 says:

That doctor is really passionate ,really educated and really well spoken.

William Beckman says:

These facilities do not have space.. He says in a tent full of empty beds. 6:40

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