Louie Gohmert’s Ebola Theory Is Dumber Than He Is

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“Louie Gohmert (R-TX) this week blasted President Barack Obama for sending troops to Africa to help fight an Ebola outbreak, and predicted that they would bring the disease back to infect American citizens.

In an interview with Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, Gohmert explained that a series of mistakes made by the U.S. Secret Service were a symptom of “political correctness.”

“I talk to these Secret Service agents, most of them are the same agents who have perform admirably and loyally for all these years, done a stellar job,” he explained. “But when you put political correctness above all else, just like we have with our rules of engagement with our military that’s getting our own military killed.””* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

*Read more here from LiveLeak:


Pragm Aticamente says:

All that commentator is saying is "this guy is stupid" without trying to understand the point that this man was trying to make. He always does a "reducio ad x" in all the videos I've seen of him so far. It's like they make this show for smart leftist pot smoker students that will never try to learn anything coming from a republican. The politic debate in occident is dead because of that kind of mentality.

Oberti Possamai says:

Omfg… what kind of amoeba brain votes for a creature like that?!! worse still, this doofus was a judge…

Sailor Jerry Swallow says:

i need some of what he is on…

Hans Speitel says:

Louis de Funès lives!

Truth Monger says:

so funny…….

kristabella222 says:

Oh.My.God. Louie Gohmert is soooo stupid. Any Texan who voted for this guy should have their voting rights taken away.

Linda Crelin says:

It's IMPOSSIBLE not to make Gohmert look stupid.

Lowraith says:

Soldiers are only trained to go kill people?

This Louie Gohmert idiot thinks his Swiss Army knife is ONLY good for opening bottles…

Leo Strabismus says:

He is an Idiot but he meant CONTRACT Ebola….. I am sorry if you don't speak hick but maybe you should be smart enough to hire a translator before you editorialize a fellow moron…

Jim Thompson says:

Someone should tell Louie Gohmert (R-TX) that stupidity is not a virtue. 

Mystic Fist says:

Funny how close Gohmert is to Gomer, as in Pyle.

Gregg Hill says:

Isn't it frightening that this vicious hayseed keeps getting reelected?

gary jones says:

Cenk you once said you saw him all happy and smilin', at a hotel, shaking hands with his fan club. All little American flags a wavin' and you just couldn't go over there and blow his bubble. His little head was shinin' and he was so happy.

EKon235 says:

Cenk: "..Youu IDIOT!!"

all of us: " u fuckin idiot…wtf! are u saying???"

Lyron Connor says:

Some people are gifted he knows that the average American is scared of well pretty much anything the ones that do have a spine can tell he's full of crap

hellshade2 says:

the expression on gohmerts face as dobbs starts to speak was akin (to me) like that of a dog expecting a treat from it's master.
rather scary now that i think about it….

mannymmv says:

My question continues to be…Who in the fuck looked at Louie Gomert in the face and said,…"You should run for public office because you are a "Good candidate".. I mean what kind of caveman knuckle dragging traits do you have to have to say something like that??

RobotShlomo says:

"I talk to these Secret Service agents", and I'm sure they all say "Oh god, Gohmert's still talking?". I've said this before and I'll say it again, Lou Gohmert makes me questions the collective intelligence of Texas voters.

Daemonstorm Animations says:

+Cenk Uygur Actually the military will go over there and catch the virus. That is part of what USAMRIID does as having samples of these diseases helps to find cures for them and to understand how they spread. So, while the majority of the 3,000 troops will be there for logistics to the countries fighting this outbreak, some of them do have training in dealing with diseases and will have other reasons for being there (doctors, nurses, biochemists, etc…).

Svenbjorn says:

If there are only two people watching them why the fuck would you be reporting on it..?

hrsqsiest says:

They don't think their viewers/voters are that stupid, they know they are. 

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