Liberian girl orphaned by Ebola starts a new life | UNICEF

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Just months after losing her parents to Ebola, 11-year-old Watta is being cared for by her older sister. Despite facing stigma from her community, she has resumed school and started to regain a sense of normalcy.

“I’m so happy to be in school. My first day in school I was so happy. I met so many teachers and so many friends. I was very happy to see the wonderful day,” she says.

Some 16,600 children are registered as having lost one or both parents, or their primary caregivers to Ebola in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. In Liberia alone, the number stands at 4,500.

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Stephanie Bailo says:

I am a founder a non profit organization in Chicago that assists orphans, widows, and homeless in Africa. Thanks for liking my page

MK L says:

That's what Your Family Has to Do in Your Situation, family takes care of Family,,Don't depend or Expect the World to do it for you!!!! It Will Not Happen!!! That's Life, get Used to it!!

Yummy Lillian says:

In 2015 with all the technology today the struggle for quality health care and clean water continues in so many far away countries. I pray a positive change will soon come.

Frida Rymell says:

OMG, I'm crying

Feven Ayana says:

That was beautiful and heartbreaking all the same. Watta is an amazing girl with a lot of strength.

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