Korean medical personnel begins training to treat Ebola patients in Sierra Leone

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Korea′s first Ebola aid team will be heading to Sierra Leone on Sunday… to help with global efforts to contain the deadly virus that has killed more than 68-hundred people so far.
But, they first stopped in Britain to receive necessary training.
Kwon Soa reports.
Korean medical personnel are getting ready to join the fight against the deadly Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone.
Four doctors and six nurses arrived in southeast England this week for five days of training that will prepare them for what they′ll face on the ground in West Africa.
The most crucial part of their training is learning how to put on the Personal Protective Equipment correctly.
Putting the gear on alone takes around 15 minutes.
Britain has been among the countries leading the global response to Ebola,… already sending hundreds of medical staff to West Africa.
The care facility that the Korean group will be deployed to was set up by Britain.
“The purpose of the training has a lot to do with maximizing the effectiveness of the medics going out as part of the response, and making sure that the quality of the care is high, but also safe for those who are providing it.”
The Korean medical team is scheduled to fly to Sierra Leone this weekend, and begin one month of caregiving at the end of December.
More volunteers will be dispatched next year.
While the epidemic has slowed in Guinea and Liberia, the number of patients in Sierra Leone continues to rise at an alarming rate.
This is why health agencies say it′s not only important to focus on treatment, but on preventing infection.
The World Health Organization says new diagnostic tests may be available in the next few months, which could detect the virus in around 15 minutes.
Kwon Soa, Arirang News.


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