Inside an ebola isolation ward in Guinea

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An outbreak of the Ebola virus has spread to Conakry, Guinea — a city of more than 2 million. Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports.


Happy Vegan says:

God may you clean and clear the Ebola virus

Orange Bar says:

The comments are horrible why are people saying that we should let “nature take its course” imagine if you were the one literally suffering in agonizing pain. I’m sure you wouldn’t feel that way then

Frantic says:

They should close it all off and let nature take it's course.

President Theodore Roosevelt says:

Natural selection

quit my chanel 1 says:

Ebola is easy to cure but since they dont have medicne

Dovakuh says:

To know da wae you need to have Ebola

kotobirb says:


Abe Coulter says:

All diseases seem to originate from 3rd world countries

Red Citizenz says:

He knows DE WAE

Pickled Gamer says:

Lawl I'm in Canada X)

CciIcCo says:

They are not telling that the virus mutates after every infection that means that the virus could someday become airborne and because it has an incubation time of 2 to 21 days undetected cases of people being infected with the virus could then infect others without touching them or through body fluids without any contact just by sitting or standing next to someone sneezing for example. I cannot understand why the media is downplaying this fact and not telling to the public.This is so fucking terrifying to think about

cosima kazak says:

panic-a lucrative business 
grown in laboratories
788 deaths March – August 2014. 
a year worldwide die from the normal flu 250,000 to 500,000 people.
Search for:
Monsanto and the United States: business interests behind the spread of Ebola
dont trust the media !!!

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