Inside an Ebola Clinic in West Africa | National Geographic

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Get an inside look at a Doctors Without Borders Ebola clinic in Monrovia, Liberia. Physician Daniel Chertow takes us through the clinic and shares his thoughts on what it’s like to be volunteering in the midst of an epidemic like no other.
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Read a Q&A with photojournalist Neil Brandvold about what it’s like to cover an Ebola outbreak:

More about Doctors Without Borders

More about Plan International

EDITOR: Neil Brandvold
SPECIAL THANKS: Plan International

Inside an Ebola Clinic in West Africa | National Geographic

National Geographic


Perimiter Music says:

It makes me sick how at the peak of the Bella crisis people were actually dying km their homes..

Elliot Oneill says:

this duets deffo high on Valium

Brittney Juin says:

help thoes sick people

Phloid82 says:

You are a rockstar, doctor. And all the care givers who fight this thing. Heroes.

FlysTheLows Flyylow says:

That doctor is a dick lol

Katherine Kenney says:

Why is there no new news about ebola

OUR REALITY 1119 says:

Ebola , alive and well in Africa …  posted Oct. 20  2014

Wafers says:

Lately I've notice a lot observers over the days have been overviewing this as another h1n1 scenario, I'm kind of worried. I'm afraid that my fellow peers may ignore this chalk this up as an ordinary pendemic.

Beth Burress says:

this is ridiculous. Haha you all can't see through this? Why are there so many campaigns in Africa trying to convince the population IN WEST AFRICA that "Ebola is real." If there are so many people suffering and dying in West Africa, as we are led to believe and shown on television etc, then why are they making such an effort to convince people supposedly living right next door to the "outbreak" that it is real? Open your eyes people.
 The facts are right there. It's 1.) A distraction from what's going on in the middle east and 2.) A way to invoke fear on the public (like terrorism)…Who knows what else is to gain, but I'm sure years down the road, if the world even lasts that long, the whole truth will surface, and by then, again, assuming the world's population exists or cares, the ones it effected will be gone and their families eventually paid off.
Watch- There will be a "miracle vaccine" magically (and miraculously passed without any sort of actual testing, just like most vaccines that are injected in us, which include many toxic, yet cheap for the pharmaceutical industry to produce because the expensive and safe ones would expire too quickly and cost THEM too much to produce for the general public) appear and the fear cradling public will rush in to receive their vaccinations. I feel sorry for anyone who voluntarily gets any vaccination. If people would just attempt to research the food, medicine, vaccines, fluoridated water, etc that the general public consume/take without even questioning how these things came to be, how they're made, the proven benefits, or the SIDE EFFECTS of any of these, or many other, products made for financial gain off of UNQUESTIONING PEOPLE, I guarantee there would be a freaking outrage.
 Just saying, my daughters paternal grandmother who is from Liberia, full blooded African, was brought here by U.S. from a refugee camp and now been here for 12 years, AND STILL MAINTAINS CONTACT WITH FAMILY IN LIBERIA AND SIERRA LEONE and is the one who made me really think about all this BS being fed to us, and that really made me question what I was being led to believe, let's just say she isn't stricken by fear or worried about a virus, flu, whatever, but by the "cure" and "prevention" of such. Anyone who is that trusting in such powerful, wealthy, people, I feel so sorry for you. Don't think the ones telling you what to believe, wouldn't deceive the unquestioning public for their own profit.

"Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny."
-THOMAS JEFFERSON, A Bill for the More General Diffusion of Knowledge, Jun. 18, 1778

Not that this comment will do anything to make any difference because who am I to you and why should you believe me, right? Well, at least you can question a person who isn't in a position of power. Good job. 
By doubting we are led to question, by questioning we arrive at the truth.

Irkajavasdream says:

You seem really sweet, but the smile on your face makes me want to slap you silly! There is no humor anywhere at a place like this. If you must make positive thoughts and words, don't do it in front of all of the dying people!! Thank you for your work, but wow, not smiling may be good.

Bored Fartless says:

Ebola Green…..Dilly Dilly…..Fluorescent Green…..Dilly Dilly…….When you take you've vaccine……Dilly Dilly…..

Reviewed Popcorn says:

why is he constantly smiling?

Luke Grzywacz says:

Holy shit I thought it was fucking sad as hell in Ebola places but no it is happy.WTF NOT FOR ME

Katie Shore says:

God bless you Dr. Chertow, and all those dedicating themselves to this crisis.  I wish I was more articulate.  

ArnobMD says:

Sadly he won't survive, you know it.

Reagan De Leon says:

What is wrong with this picture?

This video was posted just yesterday and yet this doctor is appears to be very clean, not disheveled in any way, and he's smiling throughout the video. Especially right after telling the story about delivering a newborn who died immediately from Ebola? He almost appeared to be bragging.

I would think that a real doctor "down in the trenches" so to speak, would actually appear frantic, disheveled maybe, and show way way more emotion due to the thousands of people dying there. This not a man who has been watching people die by the droves… Any of you ever actually see or talk to someone in the war zones? Where they watched hundreds, if not thousands of people die? Doctors, nurses, veterans.

Something isn't right about this.. And now it seems that National Geographic is just another media outlet. I am seriously bummed.

bugaljuice says:

watch the taller kid in orange. 3:23. this is why this shit is hard to contain. you have untrained people letting other people slip through.

Janice Gamble says:

Im glad they are getting better.

Janice Lewis Trinchi says:

Bless you all very brave, inject large amounts of vitamin C as well for all,

ray vasquez says:

@katzefranco @katze franco

ray vasquez says:

@Katz Franco it's I believe to check if u have a fever or not.

Gypsy Dover says:

Kudos to all the doctors, nurses etc for what they are doing to help these ppl.

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