How to Stop an Epidemic

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ICloudydust says:

How do we stop an epidemic? Well, Karen, the answer is simple:






Chidiadi Agoh says:

9:51 the Nigerian flag is wrong -3-

Xtabs10 says:

Ghe player did not pop the cure bubbles fast enought

Dog says:

Step 1: make a facility in Greenland to fight the epidemic
Step 2: you survive

Matthew Murdock says:

Anti-Vaxxers: imma bout to end this man’s whole career

ya boi Dilan says:

Goodness, the doctors are gonna love to know this

naim islam says:

Perfectly normal
"Watches video*
"I have ebola".

Anne* 411 says:

EBOLA= Elite Better Off Left Alone. They dont plan on any of us stopping the epidemic once it starts

HelloYou! says:

Medecins Sans Frontieres should be commended for the wonderful work they do. In the harshest regions, they are there trying to help.

I Created An Account For This says:

Shut the gates!

Bleach says:

fucking black people…

NotPickledLemon says:

Is no one gonna mention how one of the dead people of Ebola was called Fanta??

Caroline O'Brien says:

0:52 can we just talk about the friends name was fanta?

Juanita Bennett says:

Ugandan Knuckles Is reaserting his dominance.

Alias Fakename says:

Anyone else starting to think that africa is just a lost cause?

12345 67890 says:

"They didn't trust medical staff"
That was some medieval scapegoat level shit

Xinyi Wang says:

7:00 of the video: all is well

7:31 of the video: SIKE

WeinSim says:

why does the narrator of wendover productions sound exactly like the narrotor from half as interesting?

Nicholas Stockman says:

0:52 Now I Ain't Drinkin' Fanta Anymore

Zero says:

how to stop an epidemic? prevent a single outbreak sure, but conventional wisdom is that you dont, many ways you could minimize it but even insignificantly it only postpone the inevitable, but no way to actually fully stop it, think it as… when a epidemic hits its a both a mass dying and a human adaptation to the nature counter measure of self immunity take place, when the surviving people lives on they will have a immunity to the virus, and even recent research shows that vaccine for different disease can help the immune system to get certain amount of resistance to other diseases, theoretically it shouldn't happen but recent data show it does have certain effect, so we may fucked up our survival as a whole specie for keeping curtain diseases form ourselves, cuz if one thing that taught us is that you cant never fully contain all diseases, and even if you do it will just become a weapon for nation struggle and be unleashed when we are most vulnerable, and do what nature has in plan for us in the first place. The Aztec empire where wiped out not directly by Cortés military but by the plague brought there from Europe because the people was never exposed to such disease so their lack of exposure from their isolated ancestry assured their doom, fighting nature is a war you never win

Khan 92983832 says:

Question:How to stop a epidemic

Wait a minute.
(Researchers play plague inc to see and conclude which procedures to contain the outbreak)
(Meanwhile, an outbreak happened in west africa)
(Researchers and medical staff discuss about how to stop that epidemic)
(*Sending planes filled with research teams to speeed up the cure or treatment*)

Wendover Productions:*Wait a minute thats illlegal.*

CasualPrince says:

I thought these would be actual tips but instead I’ve watched a 16 minute documentary on Ebola. Don’t regret

David Jarčík says:


People of Guinea : hmmm, yummy BAT soup today for lunch

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