How to don and doff ppe – chemical protection clothing type 3B (English)

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Are you using chemical suits correctly? Learn, how to minimize risks through donning and doffing coveralls properly.

This guide demonstrates how to don and remove uvex chemical protection clothing type 3B safely. Pay attention to the correct order and proper execution so that you can benefit from the maximum safety performance of your safety equipment. uvex safety explains the procedure step by step.

Preparation before you don the disposable protective suit
1. Select your chemical suit size
2. Ensure suitability according to the purpose of the ppe
3. Inspect the protective suit for damage
4. Refer to manual

Donning the ppe
1. Tuck trousers into the sock
2. Put on the suit
3. Put on boots and tuck into the suit
4. Put arms through sleeves
5. Zip up to the chest
6. Fit respiratory protection
7. Put on safety eyewear
8. Put on the hood
9. Zip up the suit
10. Adhere the front flap (with assistance)
11. Put finger through straps
12. Put on hand protection (with assistance)
13. Seal transitions (with assistance)
14. Check fit

Removing the ppe
1. Remove adhesive tape (with assistance)
2. Open flap and unzip (with assistance)
3. Turn while turning coverall inside out (with assistance)
4. Remove gloves with sleeves (with assistance)
5. Remove boots with coverall (with assistance)
6. Remove eyewear and respiratory protection (with assistance)

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Drew Santistevan says:

So you are using that mask with chem resistant boots and gloves and chem tape I assume. What are you working with that will meet all of these different levels of ppe

brandon Scott says:

Now that guy taking it off is infected 👍

Alfred Molison says:

Shouldn't the assistant also be in full hazmat when helping to remove the suit?

victor griffith says:

Can I use uvc light to eliminate bacteria on the exterior of the suit?

Any House Cleaning Champions Gate, Fl 407-572-4118 says:

Good video. Thank you for sharing. In case of a crisis . Can we reuse coverall and how will be a procedure. I shouldn't re-use it but just in a crisis and emergency situation. Cleaning it with peroxide ? Bleach sanitizer? Do you think that using a vapor steamer if you could answer , I will.Appreciate it

บารมี เทอดเผ่าพงศ์ says:

Can we use it again?? Or we should throw it to the bin

Abe Coulter says:

you need to make kids sized coveralls goggles gloves and other PPE…my kids love to help me paint my stage set piece but they cant do it as the full face of half face respirators dont fit

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