How is Ebola transmitted?

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As news spreads about the Ebola patient being treated in Dallas, many Americans are worried about how the virus is spread. The CDC notes that Ebola is spread when bodily fluids come into contact with broken skin, but cannot be transmitted through the air. Dr. Jon LaPook reports.


joey s says:

read daniel defoe "the plague years" – they are not being truthful how contagious this manufactured virus (like AIDS) is!

Raymond Johnson says:

low risk to come within 3 feet for prolong period without warring protective gear if that is not  AIRBORNE  i don't know what is. let me put on my medical cap if a person sneeze or cough tiny droplet invisible to the naked eye is discharge into the air and by simple inhaling the same air these dropling can get in the nose lining. we are in the last days the lord is near seek him before its too late

D.W. Erickson says:

What about our food lettuce, tomatoes, etc…..  Virus lives for as long as 6 hours

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