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Omaha, Neb – The first wave of people to have contact with Thomas Eric Duncan, the first man to die of Ebola in the U.S., have been declared disease free. Early Monday, the Texas Department of State Health took 43 people off an Ebola watch list. The group includes Duncan’s immediate family, fiancée, health care workers and community members who had possible contact with Duncan around the time he was placed in isolation on September 28. The group passed a 21-day monitoring period without showing any Ebola symptoms.
“This is a crucial milestone for the city of Dallas and for concerned persons across the United States,” says Mark Rupp, MD, infectious disease specialist with Nebraska Medicine – Nebraska Medical Center. “These persons were not infected by Ebola. This clearly demonstrates that even those persons who were living with Mr. Duncan for an extended period in a small apartment did not contract the disease. I hope this reinforces the message that the public is safe and that Ebola is not very infectious in its early stages.”
The 43 people on the Ebola watch list can leave their temporary homes, and will no longer need to be checked for symptoms. A 44th person will be taken off the watch list later Monday and four more in the coming days. A larger group of 120 people, including health care workers who cared for Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian, and the two nurses who contracted Ebola there, will continue to be monitored by Texas health officials until November 7, when their isolation period ends.
“I hope this helps quiet the public hysteria,” adds Dr. Rupp. “In its early stages, Ebola is a difficult disease to contract. Outside the body, it dies very quickly. People shouldn’t be afraid to take their kids to school, get on an airplane or go about their normal routines.”


cat whatever says:

This doctor better listen to Michael Osterholm at Johns Hopkins.  I expect professionals to at least communicate with other specialists on Ebola. The info in this video is patently unbelievable and purely propaganda. Dr. Michael Osterholm Discusses Ebola Outbreak

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