How Does Ebola Kill You?

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The current ebola outbreak is the deadliest one in history. How exactly does this virus kill? Trace explains how the virus itself doesn’t kill people.

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How Ebola Kills You: It’s Not The Virus
“Ebola has a nasty reputation for the way it damages the body. It’s rightfully earned.”

Ebola In The Skies? How The Virus Made It To West Africa
“The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is the most explosive in history.”

Ebola outbreak takes toll on weakened region in Africa
“North Carolina health officials said Sunday they will impose a quarantine of at least three weeks on returning missionaries who have worked with Ebola-infected people in West Africa.”

Ebola: Mapping the outbreak
“The Ebola outbreak in West Africa was first reported in March, and has rapidly become the deadliest occurrence of the disease since its discovery in 1976.”

Skeptics In Sierra Leone Doubt Ebola Virus Exists
“Many people in Sierra Leone still don’t believe Ebola really exists.”

Ebola Virus Infection
“Ebola is a rare but deadly virus that causes bleeding inside and outside the body.”

The advent of the cytokine storm
“The term ‘cytokine storm’ is now used in popular culture as an explanation for the distinctly unpleasant feeling we all sense at the onset of flu.”

Ebola virus disease
“Ebola virus disease (EVD) is a severe, often fatal illness, with a case fatality rate of up to 90%.”

Infection Mechanism of Genus Ebolavirus
“Ebola hemorrhagic fever is a severe, often fatal, disease in humans and non-human primates caused by the Ebola virus.”

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Can You Recover from Ebola?
TestTube Wild Card
Deadliest Pandemic Diseases


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A typical Gamer says:

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Anthony Pitts says:

"technically its not the infection that kills you, its you that kills you"
So… nothing changed?

John Burr says:

In high school, my friend had War Games on Beta cassette. That movie was awesome. (We didn't have any sort of a movie playing device at our house so that may have affected my view of the movie's awesomeness.)

Stephen King638 says:

So the immune system launches useless cells that don't do much for Ebola

Big boy Tottiman says:

I thought 10% of people survived it

Night King says:

why no vaccine ! simply just inject a dead ebola virus in a person later when a alive virus attack our immune system will kill it before it spread huh

Science At Its Best says:

I like Historical Fiction movies.

Kyle Dixon says:

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naota3k says:

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Opaque Baroque says:

So is there a cure now? X D Earlier that month the death rate was 50-90% from the other "Can You Recover From Ebola?"

KolokoGamer says:

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Who taught you math?

Chibi Prussia says:

47% chance of survival? Dude that's like a 63% chance of DEATH

H CRL says:

No Russians ever got Ebola :) long live the motherland

We Cheer says:

I love watching bc I learn so much 😉

hanz cruz says:

That ebola cou…. Oh, wrong joke.

Like if you have AIDS,

Arcralf says:

Since Ebola technically causes you to kill yourself from the inside out, would a Christian person go to hell for suicide?

Melvin Rodriguez says:

Too scare for ebola

HowSci says:

When the immune system is fighting pathogens, cytokines signal immune cells such as T-cells and macrophages to travel to the site of infection. In addition, cytokines activate those cells, stimulating them to produce more cytokines.[2] Normally, this feedback loop is kept in check by the body. However, in some instances, the reaction becomes uncontrolled, and too many immune cells are activated in a single place. The precise reason for this is not entirely understood but may be caused by an exaggerated response when the immune system encounters a new and highly pathogenic invader.

Joh447 says:

agree, wargames was good 😀

Youtube Account says:

Cytokine Storm you say… badass

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