How does Ebola attack human cells? BBC News

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Here is a short video explaining how the virus attacks human cells.
Experts and politicians are struggling to combat the deadliest outbreak of Ebola since the disease’s discovery in 1976.
By the start of October, more than 3,300 people had died, with West African nations Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea the hardest hit. Video courtesy of BBC Horizon.

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Sushi Roll says:

I asked my aunt what ebola is, she thought I said puma, and said its a sports brand, and then I searched on google ebola sports brand, and I saw a pic. of a guy shiting blood…

cotes42 says:

the virus is that large in comparison to a blood cell?

Maxz Silva says:

really guys its to terrible^^

Stephen's YTP's says:

Viruses and bacteria are so selfish. Don't they realize we don't want to get sick?

Lyric Pierce says:

Ebola that's really bad but I don't see how it forms

윤혁진 says:

we have to find cure

Sebastian Johnson says:

This is really scary

Trixie Gwen Rocks says:

BEST WAY TO PREVENT EBOLA: Pray and have faith to God :) 

陳恒照 says:

嗡 折戾主戾 準提 瑪瑪阿优尔
布涅嘉那 悉殿都 漫多囉 跋陀耶

Like a sir says:

it is also in Guinea? OH MY GOD IT CAN MUTATE WITH KURU D:

Austin Rosestien says:

A finally decent cgi animated video of how Ebola works through the body, but only 41 seconds long? Are you shitting me? I want to see more of what virus does until it kills its host.

Tun Win says:

A person who get this disease how long can live?

Hiroshi Kishida says:

Symptoms… not system, dummy.

PavelNekrut says:

Хорошо, что нам, русским, пока не страшна эта нигерская болезнь. Слава Великой Руси и её обитателям

zombiesack says:

Lol journalism fail!

Wullop Khin says:

May LIberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone people___ & people all over the world be free from suffering like this. 

Marley Horne says:

This virus will not wipe out every human on earth even if it does infect all the country's which will probably happen some people will still live! Better get your hopes up that U r one of the invincibles that doesn't die from ebola!

And it's the Africans fault they are eating bush meat the ones that didn't listen to the president R just COMPLETE BITCHES! That virus most probably would kill them and millions of other people who were good and listened to the good president i bless all those who listened to the president and are infected with Ebola. 😭

Anyways we R at the moment completely defenceless,the 1000mph car will probably won't get them chance to go to Africa because those idiotic bitches who didn't listen! The UK are working on a car that goes 1000mph WOOOOOOO!

Move to the UK so far what I've been told that they R cancelling flights from infected places to be safe! 😄
I just hope I don't die I am not even a teenager yet so I don't know about lots of stuff I'm 10 going onto 11 I freaked out this morning because of Ebola spreading!

Dennis Donovan says:

Not much to go on here as far as real insightful information. Why not try to more fully explain the how/why of the specific viral attack on the endothelial lining which may lead to some "hopeful" commentary on developing a vaccine.

As has been commented on before – A lot of commercial for so little information…


RespectMyHate says:

Ebola looks like a long turd!!!

Justin Cornell says:

Join the fight against the spread of Ebola virus. Search Facebook for "United Ebola Defense Group" Together we can make a difference.

Paul Jones says:

pffft……a disease that attacks cells that line blood vessels…..this is how I would explain Ebola to a ten year old. 

fundo manyamba says:


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