How can Africa cope with Ebola on top of coronavirus pandemic? | Inside Story

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A resurgence of Ebola in Guinea is raising fears of an uncontrolled spread of the disease.
It’s already been detected in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The World Health Organization has asked six countries to be on high alert.
The crisis comes as Africa is seeing a sharp rise in covid-19 deaths, with South Africa accounting for almost half.
Healthcare systems are also overstretched.
It’s feared there could be more fatalities if Ebola is left unchecked.
The W.H.O. has shipped more than 11,000 doses of vaccines to help fight Ebola in Guinea.
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Angela Quartey says:

Why are you people biased when talking about Africa? You don’t refer to US and UK in their continent. You are talking about 100, 000 death in a Africa, what is the population in Africa? Over 1.2 billion and US has Covid death over 500,000. Where is Ebola spreading in Africa? U always make false assumptions about Africa, all in the name of news. Shame on you all

Morgan Tracy says:

Do not worry about Ebola. There is already Ebola vaccine. Let's pray for God's protection!

Alex Gunawan says:

later Small pox 2.0

Jay Cleveland says:

Biden gonna let Ebola in at border

Tobias burinaga ensio Jr Tobiasburinaga ensio jr says:

2022 2025 in of the years world war111


By NOT vaccinating for covid. Why is there ebola outbreaks in the US right now? Which monkey tissues were used in the vaccine?

We aren't all stupid.

JazzyBot says:

Could y'all imagine if ebola was airborne like Covid?!!

Arlene Mohandeson says:

Why doesn’t South Africa release all of the thousands of the AZ doses they are not using to other countries rather then letting it go to waste. There are certainly other poorer countries that can use it.

Rose R.T. says:


YungFly&Faded says:

like bill gates said. they wont listen when it comes to corona virus, they'll listen for the next one- than laughs with wife. i think hes referring to a new virus that we WILL have no choice to listen.

smack with the tea says:

😥😢 wtf

J-TV says:

My guess is they are doomed. Corona is bad but Ebola on top of the Rona is a certain death sentence. Our hospital is in overfill. And we are losing nurses and competent doctors. One has to go away. Ebola needs to take a vacation.

Moureen Kinyeki says:

Why are you generalizing,its only one country that has Ebola. Not Africa,get the difference

Pale Dude says:

Big pharma could’ve cured Ebola but it’s too busy making new versions of Viagra

Dark Crusader says:

Africa is a continent not a country. Nobody asks how will Europe cope when there is a problem in Belgium or Sweden. You should be asking how will Guinea cope or how will DRC cope.

glen khumalo says:

Ebola appears all of a sudden? South African variant ? All an excuse for vaccination. Babylons agenda is to sickening.

Dennis Harry says:


Phil Gordon says:

How and why Africa defeated the coronavirus.

BBC and western propaganda are why I don’t believe in mainstream news!

Africa has the lowest Coronavirus death rates the lowest infection rates and the highest cure rates for the Coronavirus. Hydroxychloroquine, Nano Silver, Zinc and Zithromax in combination other drugs with intravenous vitamins and traditional African therapies will cure the Coronavirus instantly and prevent the Coronavirus vaccines are not needed. African doctors have known about these cures since January 2020. These are the same treatments that African doctors have use for HIV/AIDS, Ebola, malaria, dengue fever, and hepatitis with great success. Herd immunity has already been achieved in Africa. African doctors are simply better than Western doctors just by looking at their success rates. If you have the Coronavirus the best way to get an instant cure is to travel to Senegal or Ghana for Coronavirus treatments and including the cost of travel you would be spending less than half the hospital fees than any American hospital with the African hospitals having a ten times greater success rate. American hospitals will charge you ten times more with a ten times higher death rate. An American patient regardless of race or ethnicity in the United States is 31 times more likely to die of the Coronavirus than a patient regardless of race or ethnicity in Africa. The American healthcare system is a great big, huge stinking scam.

African doctors and scientists came up with an accurate 1-hour Coronavirus test that cost a dollar a patient. United States still has no Coronavirus tests that is this accurate and fast or this cheap. African continent was taking extreme and exceedingly early mandatory weekly testing and temperatures of all citizens, those that were tested negative were free to go back to work with mandatory facemasks, surgical gloves, sanitizing the workplace, regular handwashing, and social distancing with weekly work certificates proving that they are virus free. Citizens who tested positive for the coronavirus are under mandatory quarantine, will get unemployment compensation equal to their regular salaries, free at home medical treatment for citizens who tested positive and their family members in their household, free telemedicine with postal shipping of free Hydroxychloroquine, Nano Silver, Zinc and Zithromax in combination other drugs with intravenous vitamins provided by public health authorities needed to treat asymptomatic patients very inexpensive exceedingly early. When asymptomatic patients who have are tested negative for more than two weeks, they are given regular temperature testing and weekly work permits so they can go back to work with mandatory facemasks, surgical gloves, sanitizing the workplace, regular handwashing, and social distancing. Keep in mind at the very beginning of the pandemic people testing positive are less than one percent of the population therefore very inexpensive to treat the Coronavirus.

African civil authorities took very extreme exceedingly early measures on quarantines, shutting down air travel, cross boarder travel, and internal travel. It has proven to be amazingly effective against the Coronavirus. The African continent conducted mass deportations of non-Africans infected people if they could not afford their own quarantine hotel rooms. Africans citizens infected with the Coronavirus returning to the African continent were quarantined in a separate section of airports and were ordered quarantined at their homes. A visiting healthcare employee would treat returning African citizens at their homes.

The worst mistakes made by government public health and private health authorities.

1. Calling the coronavirus not worst then the flu.

2. Not treating asymptomatic patients until they get sick and contagious was the primary cause of Coronavirus deaths in the United States. If asymptomatic patients were treated with Hydroxychloroquine, Nano Silver, Zinc and Zithromax in combination other drugs with intravenous vitamins within the hour of testing positive it would have prevented the Coronavirus pandemic outside of China.

3. Delaying quarantines until it is too late

4. Opening the economy while the Coronavirus is on the rise

5. Not using Hydroxychloroquine, Nano Silver, Zinc and Zithromax in combination other drugs with intravenous vitamins has proven to be safe, effective, and inexpensive as in Africa that has the highest cure rate

6. Using Remdesivir instead of Hydroxychloroquine, Nano Silver, Zinc and Zithromax in combination other drugs with intravenous vitamins. Remdesivir is an awfully expensive patented drug that has been proven ineffective against the Coronavirus and Ebola. Hydroxychloroquine, Nano Silver, Zinc and Zithromax in combination other drugs with intravenous vitamins are very inexpensive and has been proven effective against the Coronavirus.

7. Allowing open boarders during a pandemic

8. Not deporting non-citizens who have tested positive for the Coronavirus

9. The cost of treating one coronavirus patient with Remdesivir $2,340 per patient. Treating one Coronavirus patient with Hydroxychloroquine, Nano Silver, Zinc and Zithromax in combination other drugs with intravenous vitamins is one twentieth the cost of Remdesivir. Remdesivir is a costly and useless drug.

Remdesivir was used in the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone July 2014 it was a complete failure. Nano Silver was used to treat Ebola it was extremely successful. I wonder why Nano Silver is not used for the Coronavirus.

Now in the year 2021 we have a vaccine for the Coronavirus that will become useless when the next Coronavirus mutations arrives. Mathematically mass Coronavirus vaccinations are completely useless because 99.9 % of patients will recover from the Coronavirus and over 97% will recover not knowing that they had the Coronavirus with no sign of illness. We will discover soon that the Coronavirus vaccines are more dangerous than the Coronavirus. Therapeutics are clearly superior to any vaccine. When administered early therapeutics such as Hydroxychloroquine, Nano Silver, Zinc and Zithromax in combination other drugs with intravenous vitamins and traditional African therapies will cure the Coronavirus and its new mutations instantly and prevent the Coronavirus vaccines are not needed with therapeutics having no side effects such as, extreme muscle pain, fainting, sudden death, or the vaccines losing its effect due to Coronavirus mutations. This is in fact natural herd immunity. At some time in early 2021 the Coronavirus will suddenly and abruptly disappear in countries outside of Africa. This will happen when greater than 70% to 80% of the population outside Africa has been infected and recovered from the Coronavirus. And it has happened, the Coronavirus as of November 13th, 2020 cases have fallen sharply. The Coronavirus is running out of un-infected people to infect. When herd immunity happens, vaccines become useless and obsolete. The only reason for mass vaccinations is to conduct a mass covert genocide and/or sterilizations or vaccines contaminated with HIV-AIDS, Ebola, Marburg disease, and infertility agents this has been done many times before in Africa. Doctor without borders, (WHO) World Health Organization, and (UNICEF) United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund were caught many times in Africa sterilizing women and spreading Ebola via vaccinations. Doctors without borders were conducting medical experimentations in the Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone than the local villagers drove out doctor without borders violently killing doctors whom they believe were spreading Ebola virus. The previous 1918 flu pandemic only the vaccinated died.

If the United States, North and South America, and Europe use the exact same protocols as Africa the Coronavirus would have been resolved by April 2020 and the Coronavirus would be considered a nuisance disease such as the yearly flu. The current healthcare system in the United States would never allow such a system in Africa to exist in the United States.

We know what causes Diabetes and they are vaccines. In Africa Diabetes was unheard of until mass vaccinations programs got started. We have the chance and opportunity to compare the vaccinated and un-vaccinated. Every time a vaccination program starts in Africa, we see Diabetes, HIV-AIDS, Ebola, Marburg disease, infertility just a few years later. We watch very carefully the un-vaccinated and such disease outbreaks never occurs. Vaccines are the greatest hoax, fraud, deception, and greed of Western medicine. When you get vaccinated you will become a permanent lifetime customer of the big pharmaceutical industrial complex just to live a normal life.

Fikri Ramadhan says:

Why ebola still exist??

Rajwantee Sunset says:

More treatment options are coming, Ivermectin, and more. Africa 🌍 got the power

Adrian Reyes says:


Mensah Cudjoe says:

War is in CER, Certainly resource are going to be looted. Ebola will create the fear and restrict movement. Someone will prosper at all cost.

Samkala pseudo says:

I am so sad, nobody care African

JUR O says:

Bye improving live quality true vaccinations, populations growth goes down.Bill Gat…..Macron 2021

Talk to king evans says:

When you say Africa, i really don't get it, its seems like all African countries have ebola, and remember Africa has fought covid 19, and we have the low death rates, so Africa is great

Grapefruit Shortwave says:

Africa is the toilet bowl of the world.

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