German ambassador visits ebola treatment centre where German troops and aid are deployed

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The German Ambassador to Liberia led a delegation to a Monrovia hospital, delivering medical supplies to help combat Ebola.
Ralph Timmermann said Germany is one of the “most active” countries in helping Liberia combat the deadly disease.
Timmermann said his government is engaged in “series of activities” – including via the German military – to provide assistance.
At the height of the outbreak this summer, nearly 500 new cases were reported every week in Liberia.
In recent weeks, that figure has fallen to around 100.
Infection rates are slowing in Liberia, and the country’s government has said it hopes there will be no new cases by Christmas.
The World Health Organisation (WHO), however, has said the Liberian authorities are unlikely to meet the more modest goal of isolating 70 percent of Ebola patients by 1 December.

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