From Abe Lincoln to Ebola: A Short History of Liberia | FRONTLINE

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The history of Liberia is closely linked with American history. Get the story from PRI’s History Guy, Chris Woolf.

And, watch “Firestone and the Warlord”


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United States 4 cent postage stamp illustrating a portrait of President Lincoln
US Post Office Department
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Joseph Jenkins Roberts
Original daguerreotype by Augustus Washington, photo by Rufus Anson
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Fredrick Douglass
Frederick Douglass, ca. 1879
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Pimpinela Lumpen - Uatahá Ch'ixi - Mitã says:

Liberian history looks like a bit like the history of Israel

Jerome Patton says:

Lincoln and Liberia ???? What is the connection other then he fact he freed slaves. Liberia was not established till later on.

George B says:

The country was trashed in 1980.

HowSci says:

Wow, that's quite a story.

SlyBiffrons says:

Liberia's history began with President Monroe, not Lincoln. They even named their capital after him. Lincoln eventually scrapped the idea and went with Reconstruction.

sai76 says:

Black on black racism. That is why nobody cares.

CounterRevolutionary says:

Liberia…oh what could have been.

james learing says:

I fucking hate how the civil wars destroyed Africa's first republic.

King Trawal says:

Liberia sounds like a totally worthless, fucked up place.   American blacks went there and enslaved African blacks.  LOL.  That's rich. 

Donald Edward says:

Was Samuel Doe the man who was tortured to death for several hours during the war?

Who Cares says:

Talk about natural selection. The bulk of those that left were the ones who could read or were educated. We got left with the dregs of the gene pool.

Lewis Branson says:

This guy is ENGLISH NATIONAL and I think he and some of his 'still' Chafe at the U.S.A. determining it's own INDEPENDENCE and SOVEREIGNTY from the 'Oh Gosh'… ENGLISH CROWN. Therefore, why wouldn't he find something like 'the downside of early American Politics' to further rundown and maybe Run Over America with…Especially when America doesn't need any more Digs about itself. It is still a Good Country despite 'the Meddlers' and major Naysayers… 

Larry E says:

Love it! History is more fun when you use illustration

sam tabla says:

Where do the tribes of liberia originate? For example the Kpelle, Bassa, and Grebo tribes

sam tabla says:

I'm Liberian and believe Abraham Lincoln to be one of the best Presidents to ever live. He believed in "freedom" and that's what occurred because of hard work and getting a handful of Americans to believe in his vision. He's my favorite because of what he did for the nation.

Jayson Carmona says:

This was really poorly done. Looking at the 19th century through the lens of the 21st century is a sure recipe for a very poor and skewed history lesson. The Liberian history here is good, but trying to paint a moment in Lincoln's life as who he was is not good history, and is actually false.

There is much more to Abraham Lincoln than his poor Liberia plan, though it did cause problems, his personal growth during the Civil War turned this imperfect man into one of the greatest Presidents that ever presided over the United States.

Alexxandro Bloch says:

You know it didn't say much about Lincoln, and what was said was opinion more than fact.


What the f–k does this have to do with having negative feelings about Lincoln? Stop it with these ridiculous headlines. Lincoln had not a thing to do with Liberia. Asshats.

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