Fourth Ebola Case in South Kivu Linked to Hospital Transmission

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#Ebola #Congo


Toxan says:

>mercenaries from the west
USA military

Richard Miller says:

Quarantine Africa. Humanitarian aid- condoms

David Sims says:

Coffee imported from Kivu, D.R. Congo, is substantially cheaper now than other African coffees, as customers worry that there might be ebola in the beans.

David Sims says:

The Death Count for the Ebola Epidemic in DRCongo

(Update for 27 August 2019)

Julian Date , Cumulative Deaths

2458626 , 1225 ← 22 May 2019

2458637 , 1346

2458645 , 1390

2458648 , 1405

2458655 , 1489

2458659 , 1522

2458669 , 1606

2458679 , 1665

2458684 , 1705

2358693 , 1790

2458695 , 1803

2458702 , 1866

2458706 , 1888

2458712 , 1920

2458718 , 1965

2458721 , 1976

2468722 , 1990 ← 26 August 2019

765 deaths in 96 days, or 7.96875 deaths per day, average.

An average of 6.2 deaths per day over the past three weeks.

Unweighted least squares trend line

7.86782428 (JD − 2458626) + 1249.51713

Progressively weighted (latest point weighted most) least squares trend line

7.64097707 (JD − 2458626) + 1265.18310

John Doe says:

I think we have a situation that America, and Russia can come to gather on! I think he total nuclear payload should sterilize the infection.
#Halo 2 Doctrine

Gen Ohmni says:

Amma stockpile some Vitamin C. Why? Viruses really do not like high level of the stuff.

plantboy100 says:

So why is it you are the only one talking about this?

RipperYou says:

We all know why no one in world cares about ebola: the victims are afro africans
#MSMIsRacist #LiberalsAreRacistHypocrites

uscray says:

Zombieland doesn't seem so far fetched now does it?

xylitol chocolate shmackos says:

Good luck ebola-chan!

Ander Ander says:

Next Ebola will show up in Mexico and then the Democrats will change their tune….. possibly

Vagian Tuerous says:

Why do I get the feeling this is presented in a way where there is just enough doubt for wiggle room should this amount to nothing, yet it's just tantalizing enough that if consistently reported on every time someone gets a runny nose he can say "There, I told you so!"

Robert Sorenson says:

Obama said ebola was no big deal. Move on.

Worm Casting says:

%^0.  There are few competent foreigner medical worker's who would personally volunteer to go in there and risk their lives for free. You won't find any cowards that know anything about this Ebola outbreak that will risk pretending to enforce security around any Ebola clinic. Any armed security will qwickly turn extremely ugly… This country is not going to become wise, and do the right thing overnight, or that matter…Ever! But, healthy Congolese people can be relocated to isolated training centers that are under armed guard to eliminate tricksters from flying the coup. After expedient medical training bootcamp…put these trainees back into their country with no hope of escape. Send in the WHO paid workers, with extreme armed supply drops… Replace the dead WHO paid workers as needed.
Additionally, in a extreme method. All flights out stopped, all flights landing in stayed. Ground conveyance only. Marshall Law with extreme cosequence, deadly force authorized. Install acid tank, and other extreme tissue desolving device operations. Sorry.😟 There is no other effective, or wishy-washy way to resolve this disaster at this point.



maggoli67 says:

When will Wakanda step in and save Mother Africa?

Corey Ciepiela says:

Unfortunately too, if we were to ban all travel to and from Africa, you bet your ass someone will cry racism and white supremacy

TheForkhandles says:

Wakandan medical know-how will solve this problem in next to no time.

Kurt Barryman says:

Ebola Chan world tour when?

Soma says:

there was an article a few days ago in some newspaper I read, that the CDC is contracting private companies to put technicians at key entry point airports in the US. This is because of the influx of migrants coming from African countries that are experienceing Ebola outbreaks. They know it's coming. If I find the article , I'll link it.  
The company is called Caduceus and they have been slamming the job boards like and others for each region.

Dee Snuts says:

Not joking. Team ebola all the way.

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