Four people being monitored for Ebola virus in Oregon

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The Oregon Health Authority says officials are monitoring four people who recently visited Guinea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo — two countries that have regions currently experiencing Ebola outbreaks.


Morgan Tracy says:

Do not worry about the Ebola virus. There is already a vaccine. Let's pray for God's protection!

Catherine Gursslin says:

Please know it has a 90% death rate not 50..

Nayeli Elyan says:

They are also discovering Ebola can lie dormant in people who survive it and come back months later to reinfect them again…

Nayeli Elyan says:

Ebola is learning to become more contagious. since 1976 — it’s been adapting to learn how to infect more people each time there is a new outbreak . I’m sure Covid will teach it a new trick soon too

Byron Chavarria says:

Wear A Mask For Ebola Too

Byron Chavarria says:

Ebola Is More Fatal Than COVID-19

Namiko says:

They’re not confirmed cases which is good though. They’re in a small room at an airport being monitored and not let out for 21 days. I also saw in an article they’re a low risk of contracting Ebola, and I feel America has learned how to contain it from the outbreak back in 2013.

Namiko says:

Please stop the flights and travel.

PinkFruitSnacks says:

Bruh COVID is just now getting taken care of…now there is Ebola 🥲 dude were never finna get out of this cycle

Jason Schmidt says:

Easy. Don’t go to fckn Africa…

licius says:

Y’all Need to find a cure

licius says:

Great just great coronabola


All we need is covid-19- mixed with ebloa n a vaccine for both then bam zombie apocalypse.. Just saying it could happen.
Why would they let them fly there or come straight bk into the usa bc that is how covid started spreading over here

Jay Cleveland says:

Lol open the borders….Democrat Ebola

Girassol ambulante says:

Socorro💔cada vez pior

Godslayer Highkage says:

Just a matter of time now 🍿

Charlie Clark says:

You've gotta be kidding me,

Shield maiden says:

Billly Goats warned us..

One Decent Machinist says:


If you go to a country with Ebola, you shouldn't be allowed back in, they should quarantine you off shore on your dime, you made a choice to go there

Linda Wilkinson says:

Ebola is less contagious that Cv(❓) REALLY? WHAT THE HAY! DON'T be afraid of it. Ebola only kills HALF OF THE INFECTED! CV 99.6 % of ppl LIVE. WELL OK. IT'S ON THE MEDIA SO IT MUST BE TRUE. WOW

7 says:

Made the vaccine 2019 time to use it 2021 SMELLS FISHY

Tammie Knuth says:

Pple need a passport to come down here? Just running from the demons in your mind!!

Tammie Knuth says:

Hello hello. Let me show the way out 000. Let you downnnntown!!

Tammie Knuth says:

Run devil run!! Fear is a liar!!

The Collapse Experiment says:

We didn't start the fire…

Dora Pete says:

What did you expect with open borders?!?!

TaHmee Lah! says:

Are u serious!? Its never going to stop is it?? So covid is worse? Arggg

silver sheep says:

They need to ban flights from and to the ebola countries because it could start another pandemic and we just can't deal with it. At least it's not airborne but sill scary and deadly

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