First tourists since end of Ebola quarantine

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(15 Mar 2015) Tourists have returned to North Korea for the first time in months, after the socialist state relaxed its harsh entry restrictions, officially aimed at preventing Ebola.
A group of 18 foreign tourists arrived in Pyongyang on Saturday for a six-day tour.
They’re the first sightseers to touch down since October last year.
North Korea first stopped tourists, and then at the end of October imposed a mandatory 21-day quarantine period for everyone arriving in the country.
No explanation was given for the drastic measures, and no case of Ebola has been reported in North Korea or neighbouring countries.
This group of tourists is following a typical itinerary of sights around the North Korean capital Pyongyang, before going to Kaesong, which is right next to the demilitarised zone separating the two Koreas, and another common destination for foreign visitors.
Some of the tour group will also visit North Korea’s new ski resort at Maasik, on the east coast of the country.
The tourists will leave on Thursday, some by plane, and some by train, to China.

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