Emma and Marlene’s Travel Vlog: Sierra Leone!

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Have a look at what we got up to in Sierra Leone in August of 2016 where we implemented our 2015 Clinton Global Initiative University Commitment to Action, called After Ebola: Sustainable Agriculture in Sierra Leone.


S J says:

Who the hell are these girls

Brenda Morga says:

I am so proud of you girls for what you are doing. I am very proud of you Marlene, you have grown up to be a wonderful young women.

Sheriff Kamara says:

The Clinton fried asses and their criminal boss should go to prison for scaming the poor. The whole thing is a scam.

Sheriff Kamara says:

I'm Sierra leonian and I'm telling u they're a scam.d whole Clinton thing is a scam

Sheriff Kamara says:

D whole thing is criminal Enterprise that need to be investigated. they're reaping the poor this Clinton thing. By the way this is not how u plant potatoes in Sierra leone.

Mujiru Kallon says:

Wonderful job. Most people just send funds and wait for reports, thanks for taking the time out to not only visit but actually participate in the project. Respect. Wish you all the best in all your future endeavours.

wardogs161 Wardogs says:

Great job ladies. Thanks for your selflessness. I'm interested in knowing more about your project in Sierra Leone.

Teee Tee says:

May God bless you guys for looking out for our ppl ,cos the government careless about this ppl

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