Ebola's Back: How Worried Should We Be about Ebola Spreading in 2021 – TLDR News

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Latest Global Summary: https://youtu.be/jfTLk3MaPsQ

Following the 2013-16 ebola outbreak in Western Africa, news of ebola has gone relatively quiet on the international stage. However, the virus never truly went away continuing to be present in animals and breaking out again in the DRC in 2018. So in this video, we turn attention back to ebola to discuss the latest outbreak in Guinea, what this means for the region & if we ought to be worried.

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geezass price says:

Ebola is another U.S made virus just like covid 19, to kill all blacks and yellow people.

Norman Deline says:

Bill gates been meddling in Africa recently??? I'm sure he'd love to pursue some more vaccines an farming 🚜 in Africa… sad world we live in these day's…

Miguel Ibarra says:

God damn, who updated plague inc to be a multiplayer

Anna Staja says:

Bruuh when can we get a break, I just wanna live my normal life again with people. I'm not even a people person but I miss people now!

Ryan Smith says:

At least 3 ebola infections they reported it immediately. Unlike with the covid-19, China allowed it to spread throughout the world by cover up while encouraging Chinese tourists to travel even more around the world. China even arrested the whistle blowers.

Andrew KD says:

Fake News…

KinglyGamingPro says:

I am not worried about ebola since theres an anti viral drug for it this is just getting stupid driving peoples mental health

Jamezzz 003 says:

Ebola: As you can see, I am not dead!

Hugh Mann says:

We've already got a vaccine for ebola though?

CrazyC0d3r says:

stop eating non eatable things! especially BATS!

MegaKapo12 says:

Of hell no. Just what we fu**ing needed.

fortune Hank says:

Dr Osaoji also cured my son from herpes virus with the help of his herbal medicine

Edgar Fonseca says:

When we think about origin stories and bats we sure got it all wrong in real life

Ella Sevior says:

mamma mia here we go again :(

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