EBOLA: What does it take to find a cure?

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A breakthrough in the fight against Ebola, as two new Ebola treatments are looking so promising, they’re being tested on patients in the Democratic Republic of Congo — where the current outbreak is the second-deadliest ever. One medical official announced this month – “We can no longer say Ebola is NOT curable.”

Joining us at the Roundtable is Daniel Bausch, Director, UK Public Health Rapid Support Team who frequently works in Ebola affected areas; Derek Gatherer, from the Biomedical and Life Sciences department at Lancaster University; Robbie McIntyre Save the Children, Global media manager and Francine Mukwaya Human Rights activist.

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Georgia Lynn Jones says:

nyc lottee is full of disease and blood.nyc had eboli reported but loves boco micah genocide too much to worry about eboli and hamster illness.

Anonymous says:

Please why are they talking about Zmap?

Anonymous says:

Msm can't give credit to the doctor responsible coz he is black

Happy says:

Regarding Ebola Virus outbreak,
Use Boric Acid to cure all viruses.
Try taking Boric Acid powder on your finger print once a day for a week to cure Ebola virus.
Boric Acid kills the titers that cause the viruses. Boric Acid also cures AIDs, Hepatitis, Epstein Barr virus and leprosy.
Boric Acid is also inexpensive.
God bless you and your families.

Sun Maid says:

I have Ebola

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