Ebola virus: Why Nigeria dumped Nano Silver experimental drug

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stop calling formaldahyde poisoning ebola and come out of the closet–formaldahyde is poisoning vaccines and wells to create the fictional ebola like sim tons.the ebola hoax was supposed to make bill gates a trillionaire when h rolled out his government endorsed ebola vaccines

C T says:

you realize you the reporter and the people pulling the strings are all utter liars and ignorant. The only reason you wouldn't give it to people is because you want them to die. I can assure you it's not a pesticide.. lol… that is so dumb; I just can't comprehend how dumb some people are if they think that is true. They say 80% of people will believe whatever they hear on the TV is true. Sad. Well I am a Dr and I have been taking and using nano silver for years. It is so easy and cheap to make and makes most medicines redundant as it antiviral antibacterial and antifungal. Nano silver is 100x stronger than colloidal silver. Pharmaceutical industry in a 16 trillion + industry and they will protect their profits by any means. Absolutely any means. Any they will lie, sabotage, manipulate, slander and create false studies and reports to push real cures under the rug and promote their expensive highly profitable drugs. . which don't work and damage your body. end of story. reporter…you're a fuckwit

TheWarIsWithin says:

Ha! The black race especially in Africa have been used for "experimental" reasons for centuries. Psst hell the richest people in the world buys melanin in a bottle which is most expensive substance you can buy on the planet. Neverthless the thousands of missing black folks all over the world coincidentally found with there organs missing.. They know genetically the black race physically are superior. Oh well, go fuck yourself you sellout.

TheWarIsWithin says:

another piece of shit that sold his soul to the white devil smh

Bryan C. says:

Fine, don't use it.

Nathan Ward says:

Wow! Just listen to this dizzy demon, far beyond a fool this man is.

olmosm1 says:

To much of the nano silver will turn skin dark. Maybe thats why they don't want it?

Dr3Tri says:

Ppl. of the Nigeria can always do their own nano silver and cure themselves. Selfmade one works well too. Bad side there would be that ppm. value would be estimated, when commercially available products have known amount of it. Other than that, DIY nano silver has the same virus killing effects. As long as information is available and internet is not censored, common ppl. do just fine.
No matter what lies FDA, WHO or Big Pharma (drug companies) try to push forward because of their own interests.

KCC tV says:

Wow white people made black people selfish enough to lie and cheat their own people they made them so selfish to the point they will allow their own people to be killed just for money not looking at the bigger picture of what the white people are doing in their country wow they talk about American blacks are dumb and ignorant its American blacks that went through slavery how could you guys fall under the white man's spell of greed and selfishness and loose your brotherly love for each other and centuries of tradition how could you loose that for people who care nothing for you people and want to still and kill you crazy crazy

Paul Kaiser says:

He is a LIAR!… Colloidal Silver is not a drug at all. He is a LIAR!.. it actually works. It has been used in western hospitals for years and still is.

thevinnietee says:

he såys i†s very likely jus† å plåcebø, bu† †hey åre willing †o plåy åløng ƒør †he såke øƒ keeping †he public håppy ån∂ pleåsing †he w.h.ø. bu† he is more ør less skep†icål †hå† åny øƒ †he experimen†ål ∂rugs åc†uålly wørk. he øbviøusly is åwåre †hå† ebølie is å ƒårce bu† is prøbåbly nø† åble †o jus† cøme øu† ån∂ å∂mi† i†.

Awake&Awaiting says:

just a note: for those who declare this as a scam,  The medical industry has been injecting patients with GOLD for many years…    research that…    Is that a scam??

Awake&Awaiting says:

so this fails health requirements,  but the plan is to "push" the vaccines that are being "rushed" by FDA.. follow the money.
   the Pharmacy companys, check the Financial news for these: TKMR, SRPT, RAI,BCRX, NLNK,GLAXO.NS, CMRX,  follow these on the Stock Market,, these companies are keeping the US economy UP.. along with the manufactures of the "Hazard Suits"..  Obama could not get an all out War started to distract us and "sell more war equipment".. the Crisis created with Ebola is working to the benefit of  some,, Who Are They???  Please do your own research,, it is worth your time.

boutcha says:

What a bunch of foolish talk coming out of his mouth. He is a total idiot. Someone donate him a clue, because he is in desperate need of one.

Jay Dillon says:

Nano Silver should be manufactured locally, only using the top food grade purest silver available. No impure silver should be used. Pure gold can be similarly used and may be equally effective. But these materials must be absolutely the purest available, and must be food grade. I don't know the precise method of making Nano Silver. Other colloidal silver products have various concentrations. If Nano Silver contains other materials that I don't know about, then I would want to know what these materials are. Spectroscopic analysis by a good lab should be able to determine independently what is contained in Nano Silver for safety analysis. The low 10 ppm concentration was supposedly found to be most effective in stopping Ebola virus in particular. This information is from what I had thought was a valid source in the USA. The company that manufactures this product should supply precise specifications and perhaps could instruct how to manufacture it locally and safely using distilled water and pure silver. Local manufacturing, if done with strict methodology will be inexpensive and safe. That's the best I can recommend to people in Nigeria and in the other West African countries. It would be good to know if Nigeria or individual doctors there have gone ahead with the use of Nano Silver. If it helped people there, then the other countries need to know this.

Jay Dillon says:

If Nigeria is seriously not trying "Nano Silver" because they think it is not safe to use, then surely they will also stop people from using the purest food grade silverware for fine dining? Because that's all Nano Silver contains. Just colloidal silver particles in distilled water, to the best of my knowledge, at low concentration of 10 parts per million. The FDA assertion that Nano Silver is a "pesticide" is an outrageous lie. If Nano Silver is a pesticide, FDA could reference one insect or pest that is stopped by Nano Silver. As I understand it, Nano Silver would not injure insects, and is completely harmless to human beings. If Nano Silver is a pesticide, who uses it as a pesticide, and for what pests? I never heard of that. I would be interested to know if it does control some pests. To my knowledge it will control and kill many microbes, viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and so forth, without injuring any human cells. If that's wrong, then I don't know where to look for the info. All the information about Nano Silver and similar "colloidal silver" or colloidal gold products, made only with food grade silver or gold, not alloys, is safe and effective for many illnesses caused by viruses and the other microbes. So it should be allowed and used if any Nigerians will be able to authorize it and have the documentation needed to do so. But I would not trust the USA FDA because it is not right on the topic of Nano Silver, as far as I can discern so far. US Dept. of Defense has stated that Nano Silver is the only known cure for the Ebola virus, in their Threat Reduction Agency report declassified in 2009. Just test for toxiicity and then let people try it and see if it can help early Ebola symptoms and stop this terrible illness.

Lorrentia Lorrentia says:

Never knew this man is so dumb! May God help the people of Nigeria… What a leadership! It's obvious they were paid by the big pharma to discredit Nano Silver 10ppm. What is his name… Chukwu?? Nano Silver is mineral supplement not drug Mr. Health Minister. 

WolfClaw02 says:

I heard him say something about "mix". If he means by "mixing the nano silver in any type of experiment", it's a no-brainer something wrong happened.

Snake says:

a pesticide???

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