Ebola virus: What is it? We explain in 60 seconds – BBC News

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Here’s our 60 look at why Ebola is so deadly. The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for “drastic action” to contain an Ebola outbreak in West Africa that has killed nearly 500 people.
It is the world’s largest outbreak in terms of cases, deaths and geographical spread.

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RadGamer QuickscopeBros says:

wrong it's not 60 seconds it's 62 secs

Necula Andra says:

61 sec haha

Deidara's Sidekick says:

0:49 save me

Cameron Andrews says:

So if I get a cut and bleed, does that mean I have Ebola?

Content Deleted says:


Creepy Jay says:

What I don't understand is why they said there is no cure for ebola but no one has said anything about ebola or of someone with ebola. Its kinda like it disappeared…?

elvis romero says:

this is 61 seconds not 60 seconds wtf lol

ICE_KID and hugiham says:

this vid is kinda scary

Ayan44 says:

why is there no cure? that's insane!

aung moe thu says:

You mean 61 second instead of 60 seconds

Arun kumar says:

deadly disease… stop it

Logh Chen says:

insolation, isolation

Konata Izumi says:

It's funny to see all the hates towards the United States. Well…i hope your petty little country would survive without us feeding your mouth.

陳恒照 says:

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Kevin Worldsavior says:

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sERUM. says:

Dis video is 65 sec. long. Disliek m8. Unsubscribe. Banter lad. 

WaterspoutsOfTheDeep says:

The cure is high dose vit C(interveinous or oral bio energy C where 20+ gram high doses are easy to acheive.) High dose vit A a million units+ for several days up to a week with at least 1000 IU of vit D to prevent toxicity. And silver which the US military already tested and found it effective against the virus which means the highest potency and effective and safest silver on the market ACS silver which anyone can buy will be way more effective and aggressive in killing it. Even harvard university hospital uses it now because it was the only thing they could use to keep it open after resistant pathogens took it over.

Then we also have things like IV ozone and rectal ozone and or ASEA water which is another powerful oxidation treatment which will be even more effective while taking the silver 3-5 mins after having a powerful synergistic effect.

We already know many protocols. It just doesn't get in the media because it has no news value.

Brian Brimble says:

Meh, I could make a better video. Poorly done explanation of Ebola, BBC.

Braeden Beltran says:

Their is a cure it is called ZMapp

Helghan Empire says:

I always believe Ebola is a man-made disease use as exterminator.

Bruce McBurney says:

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