Ebola Virus Proteins (from PDB-101)

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Tour the molecular anatomy of the Ebola virus with the RCSB PDB. Understanding of the shape and structure of the proteins that make up Ebola is a key component in the fight against the virus. Learn more at Molecule of the Month: http://pdb101.rcsb.org/motm/178


nerosonic says:

viruses are so creepy

Mrgazzer09 says:

this is the weirdest looking virus in my opinion. it tries to be a worm but it's not.

eatemad fanaee says:

volume up pls!! I couldn't hear anything :(

Upscale Avenue says:

Despite being such a very large virus, it has only 7 genes……interesting!

CaJoel says:

So are all the small balls individual atoms? (I’m not that smart)

Omoyeni Ayeni says:

very informative.. so it has no enzymes?

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