Ebola Virus: bush meat sellers lament low patronage

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The fear of the Ebola virus has eaten deep into the pockets of bush meat sellers as their business is no longer booming as sellers have continue to lament the low patronage.


Forged Metal says:

Angry angry angry ladies!

Void Assimilation says:

Obviously these people became dumb because they are poor and doesn't have proper education and they lack food resources.

echo sigma says:

At least they look well fed. Ill give them that.

warda Artheus says:

Very stupid sellers 😠😡😬👊

War pig says:

Nindu ebloa

Jupiter Stars says:

Doesn't it kill the germs and bacteria when they cook it? Why is the virus surviving

Admiral Aladeen says:

how they kill exotic animals in nigeria is too much. Kenya, SA, Tanzania, mozambique, zambia, botswana can't do this.

I'm nigerian btw

Admiral Aladeen says:

The illetratess in this country is too much

Admiral Aladeen says:

atleast it will stop animal extinction

Felis John says:

the whites men sprayed that diseases in Africa to killed black people just pay attention to the whites and Arabs, not the meats, watch the devils whites not the meats please,, whites race and Arabs is the only problems blacks people have in the world, only problems remember that.

Samm Cullen says:

I don't understand what they are speaking 😂😂🤣 they are better then Nicki Minaj

Danu Mekez says:

This are our moms . The tigresses. I Love them all.

Kalash Operator says:

What the fuck?

Enrico Dominico says:


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