Ebola triggers CDC travel warning

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The Centers for Disease Control has issued a travel warning for several countries in Africa as Ebola continues to spread.


BlackTar says:

If they weren't so ignorant and stupid and realize that Ebola actually exists, the problem could be solved.

Remee Dass says:

how this virus even exists

Remee Dass says:

i think Ebola is spreading to the whole world #commanwealth game many people from nigeria may pass to others

Irene Wang says:

wow that last sentence sure was comforting.

leolookingup says:

Their so worried they are flying two infected persons to Atlanta. This is the stupidest thing the government has done. Ebola has never been in the US, do not introduce it now you idiots!

RC IT says:

Its airborn disease 100% how come that the doctors in africa where infected with gloves on masks everything this is just a lie from the zion media fucking nwo monkey donkey jew mother sisterfucking big ears Obama monkey dipshit faced kingkong with down syndrome oh yes and not to forget Mr Ebolas underway to a hospital in Germany aswel ''hamburg'' so it has been done on purpose imo.

Peter Dzoghi says:

Get ready to quarantine yourselves from the general population if this thing comes to the US. They're inexplicably bringing these sick patients to the US for treatment.

Radu Blanc says:

Dr.tom Frieden I hope u right because if this virus spreads in the us it will be on your shoulders and a lot of people will come after u

Orgadol1 says:

The third horsemen on it's way…

Megálos Epitychia says:

Yeah! bring it to Asia!!! it's too crowded in here.

Jim joe Kelly says:

Zombie and ww3 in the sometime… AWSOME !!! N

thugnif1cent says:

This is how i think CDC is talking about this.

CDC – I never seen any f***ed up $4IT like this! I gotta get out here!!! GET OUT OF MY F*****G WAY!!!

Cheeto Freedo says:

Why the fuck would they bring ebola to the states. Are they out of their mind?!?!

Andrew Emerson says:

Ebola in the current strain is not going to cause a mass pandemic. If it goes airborne then the gates of hell will be opened. 

Kazuhira Miller says:

this is what happens when these dumbfucks eat monkeys and shit

Yakub Scherzinger says:

Feels like contahion movie

kuabarra says:

Despite what is being said by the mainstream media everywhere, ebola can be transmitted through the air. Check it out: http://www.nature.com/srep/2012/121115/srep00811/full/srep00811.html Be careful everyone.

Asskickingness2014 says:

This thing will mutate. It'll be air-borne in no time.

IWashMyOwnBrain says:

Not many people in the U S slobber all over dead bodies so It will stay in the primitive countries.

Mr Awesome says:


Nitron DSP says:

I am scared of 2 things: Ebola and heights.

Nadia Lynch says:

Contagion movie was very good! Ebola already making it's way to USA, be prepared!

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