EBOLA – The Plague Fighters – NOVA Documentary – FULL

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The Ebola filovirus causes a very deadly and highly contagious disease. Outbreaks thus far have been limited due to the implementation of strict isolation, sterilization, and waste disposal procedures; the remoteness of areas in which the outbreaks appeared; and the fact that the virus kills so quickly that many of its victims die before it can be transmitted. Most recently, the Ebola virus struck in the city of Kikwit in Zaire, Africa, in early 1995 and killed almost 250 people before it was contained. Medical experts and relief workers went to work quickly to locate victims, to provide educational and prevention services to neighbors and families, and to research the Ebola virus. This NOVA program follows the medical researchers and doctors as they work to prevent the virus from wiping out an entire community and to locate where the virus originated.


Get Fucked says:

The Ultimate Question, according to the Daily Beast/ News Week a sample of Ebola had been flown to Flagstaff, Arizona 86001. Why had Ebola been sent to Arizona ?
During the last Ebola outbreak a Volunteer Doctor from Tempe, Az had travelled from Sky Harbor Airport to his home in Tempe then later showed symptoms of Ebola. Texas was the first state to report a outbreak of Ebola so what Pharmaceutical Research Laboratory in Arizona was that sample of Ebola sent ?

Get Fucked says:

Knowledge is protection. Virus's are horrible things that resembles shards of broken glass and when they invade a host they multiply so quickly they kill their host and infect the uninfected. Viruses are not Germs, Viruses are a species of microscopic creature that is more of a chemical or mineral than biological such as germs.

Get Fucked says:

Why are those dead bodies not incinerated ?

Get Fucked says:

Weaponized Ebola is the ultimate weapon of terror.

master_kiddle_ gaming says:

That skull crunch of the rat made me want to vomit ewwwww

TheMrturn1 says:

The crunch of the skull at 19.57 as the guy was chowing down on chopped rat was fantastic. Subtle little piece of editorial commentary there on rancid living due to poverty.

Richard Morgan says:

Ebola made by bill gates lol

JonTron Plays Saxophone says:

Ah, yes. 6th grade memories. OF TRAUMA.

spamtelevision says:

They all were sterilized ! Population control supported by Melinda & Bill Gates Foundation and Monsanto

Whyamievenaliveanymore pleasesavemeineedhelp says:


Luther Owen says:

We should just nuke Africa already, the only thing its good for is its viruses. Its not like anyone dose anything for them i mean hell, STARVATION. 

Bobby Ewing says:

The international team is a bunch of idiots who think they know it all. These guys came and sprayed chemicals on a bunch of dead bodies and hospitalized sick people until they died… These African doctors decided to do something bold and saved 7 people's lives.. instead of congratulating them they scoff and say "Oh it wasn't done in a trial format so I don't believe it" saying "ohh maybe they had less Ebola than everyone else…." WTF does it matter if you get EVEN A SMALL AMOUNT inside you it GROWS.. Don't these western Doctors know this? They are idiots…….. Yeah go capture more bugs and more bats you dumbasses. These guys actually saved people Also, this practice was done to save the Dallas nurse and the other patient as well. They took Antibodies from Ebola survivors and transmitted them into the nurse and saved her. So these African doctors were way smarter than these western idiots.

daniel matranga says:

like if Nosces anatomy class brought you here

Dee Anders says:

Dr. Mupapa cured 7 of 8 patients 20 years ago on old science. Dr. Brantly got the blood of a 14 year old African boy four months ago when there were only 800 dead Africans, and he lived! Dr. Brantly then gave his blood to five others already who are all now fine. Why, even though the World Health Organization, Doctor without Borders, the Lancet article reports African doctors begging for relatively inexpensive blood transfusion support from Ebola survivors to cure the infected African while stock soars higher. Wall Street protective gear, tents, facemasks ticks up and  and serum take months to grow with 5,000 Africans now dead. Do the math.

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