Ebola signs, symptoms and what it does… #Ebola

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A discussion about the symptoms, and what causes the symptoms of Ebola.



TheAskMammaChannel says:

They won't mention the airline, they aren't tracing the passenger list, patient exposed himself to many many people before the diagnosis. Lame stream media is NOT going to divulge the truth.

TheAskMammaChannel says:

Symptoms of Ebola include
Fever (greater than 38.6°C or 101.5°F)
Severe headache
Muscle pain
Abdominal (stomach) pain
Unexplained hemorrhage (bleeding or bruising)
Symptoms may appear anywhere from 2 to 21 days after exposure to Ebola, but the average is 8 to 10 days.

dzrt goat says:

news down here is saying there is a secend case not sure if it's true our not make's me wounder whats going on myself 

1122kiwi says:

Doing more research I learned that some antiviral  foods can also be blood thinning  so a person would have to research deeper into this . Blood thinning foods ..some are …Fish, Garlic, vit E, seeds, nuts, avocado , spinach and turnip greens.

1122kiwi says:

I wonder if blood clotting foods would help…  I looked this up and things such as Kale, Spinach and broccoli, parsley, which are vit K foods  are blood clotting and also vit B3 things are good for this..fish and poultry and beans and also Calcium it says, milk and cheese, cereals and soy. A person would not want to consume this like crazy if healthy but I kinda thought what if this would help if a person did get the Ebola to help thicken the blood…a thought anyway. Maybe in the form of juicing..maybe the sick could get something like that down possibly. Maybe do this on the onset of Flu like symptons because once in the full blown case of this Ebola a person possibly could not eat or drink or keep anything down.

GunfighterBo says:

Here we Go !
This is why we do the "Prepper" thing.

1122kiwi says:

I can imagine this Ebola patient sitting in the ER while waiting to get called back to be seen….I wonder how long this person sat in the waiting area amongst others and also this person family members he or she has been in contact with and then how well was the room sterilized after this person was put into quarantine….good grief. And to only imagine like you said…the 2 days at least out and about with this deadly virus…..

basslvck(aka)MATT says:

ThanXXX good Upload…

D.J. Moore says:

Thanks Freda, This could be more handy now then maybe it seemed last time.

Mindy PatriotAngel says:

Since ebola thins the blood, I wonder Vitamin K would be something good to have on hand since it helps with clotting….  I will do a little more research  on it but here is a link on a little bit of info on vitamin K…


Bobby Harper says:

Thanks for the in depth research Freda.

Superdan187211 says:

do you know that is how rats die when they eat ( rat poison ) it brakes down all the cell walls and they bleed out on the inside

Mindy PatriotAngel says:

You are very welcome, when I have more info. I will pass it along Freda!  Thanks for the Web MD link I will be sure and share it…

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