Ebola: Separating the Myths From the Facts / October 7, 2014

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Freelance journalist Ashoka Mukpo is now the second Ebola patient to be treated at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha.

Some Nebraskans are concerned about the close proximity of the deadly virus. Anxiety over the Ebola virus in Nebraska has reached a fever pitch.

“For somebody to come over and have a whole new disease it does it worries me tremendously,” said Dawn Hock of Hastings.

“It’s really scary, I would stay away from Omaha, I’d stay away from any place close,” said Joan Knisely of Hastings.

“I have a concern that it’s happening overseas in Africa and they’re bringing them to Nebraska and closer to home,” said tom Wilhelms of Hastings.

“It’s bad, it is, I mean I didn’t think it was this close, but it’s getting close,” said Hastings resident Irene buss.

But are those fears justified? One local infectious disease doctor says Nebraskans have nothing to worry about.

“This is the highest safety bio containment unit that you can have in the country i mean that’s why the patients came here because UNMC can handle that,” said Dr. Daniel Brailita, the infectious disease specialist at Mary Lanning Healthcare.

Dr. Brailita is the infectious disease specialist at Mary Lanning Healthcare he says the deadly virus is transmitted through bodily fluids. And that’s one of the main reasons why the United States is able to contain it.

“The overall risk of Ebola outbreak in us remains very low that’s what CDC has said repeatedly its based on the fact that we know how to contain Ebola its not transmitted like a flu its not transmitted by air,” said Brailita.

The first patient to be treated for Ebola at USMC, Richard sacra was released and is now Ebola free.

“I know it seems like were close to two patients that have been transferred to bio containment units, I mean I think this is good just showing UNMC is capable to treat them and there is no risk at this point for general public at all,” said Brailita.

Dr. Brailita says Mary Lanning has a plan in place, that’s based on CDC recommendations. It includes training all hospital workers on how to deal with an Ebola outbreak.



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