Ebola Returns to the Congo

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#Ebola #Congo


108johnny says:

Covid 2: Hemorrhagic boogaloo?

Robert Musgrave says:

This video aged well and it did get as bad as Covid and gave me so much anxiety in June I’m glad it isn’t as bad as Covid spread . I can’t believe that it’s almost the end of August. Oh well the Congo is a giant mess anyway and they are so malnourished and live with little to no water in shack like houses in slums. I don’t hate Styx but he kind of made a little bit of fear mongering on this. I live in Western Pennsylvania I don’t think I need worry about this others agree ?

Fix News says:

You took off your leather and now you can't get in the gay bar. lol

John Mc says:

Styx: "We're one mutation away from a billion ppl dying…"
BLM:"Hold my beer…."

John Mc says:

The populations in Africa, Styx – alot of residents still consider witchcraft to be alive and well. Residents there don't seem to have a concept of disease like we in the west do.

Kingy B says:

The Gates foundation again?

James Cen_sored says:

I don't believe the WHO anymore, they care more about politics!
Remember they said Covid / Corona has NO HUMAN TRANSMISSION as China told them!
I'm guessing this is to promote the next crisis and lockdown to ruin the world economy!

Hot Ramen says:

huh, funny, ebola is back. isnt it interesting that they just cant quite keep it contained, but the very second it hits the US, there is a cure. now its back, but where is that cure that was used in the US?

•ShuNeughu• says:

I wouldnt be shocked if a sudden 80% mass death of human population happen

AJtheory says:

Ebongo Returns, Now Available From Covid-Cola

D1agram says:

Well that was a fun episode.. thanks.

12 GäüGë GrïñGö says:

one major thing i learned during coronavirus is that the public is stupid and panicked – if ebola had the same numbers as corona it would literally be the end of the modern world, we would have to start over in small tribes till the population grew.

James M says:

Wtf is the Asian man over his shoulder?
text "I won't back down" !?

More coded messages to the Illuminati ?

Elim Garak says:

American black lives matter. African black lives? Meh.

boredafgamer bored says:

I do not sub to your channel I wish to God you would quit showing up on my feet even when I try my best it's still populates my feed

Jean-Louis Bourgeois says:

Of course.
But it didn't return.
Ebola-Chan never left.

Actual Scientist says:

We will one day see a virus that spreads faster than Corona, has a much longer asymptomatic period, doesn't cause immunity, transmits in every way possible: water borne, air borne, human to human, birds, etc, is unaffected by climate, and kills rapidly after symptom onset with a nearly 100% death rate.

We need to get our shit together with handling pandemics now. Otherwise we can expect an early extinction of humans.

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